Wednesday, 30 March 2011

I'm so much more than this...

I mean... I'm all that you see here. I'm crazy about bags (my family call it sick), I love clothes (dresses in special) and I like shoes. I like beauty, I love fashion magazines, advertising and news. I like to share with you my purchases, I love to hear your opinion about little things like hair and nails. I like to show you my photos, check your comments and I do love to read your blogs. But I have to confess that something is missing here... I read a huge amount of blogs about fashion but I also read a lot that are not. And God knows how I miss writing. For years I said that it was the only thing I was good doing at. Maybe I'm still am.

So this post is to tell you, portuguese readers (everyone is welcome but I believe some words will get lost in translation), that I'm going to start to give some more attention to my other blog that was created in 2006. Residência fixa nas Nuvens ou em Sunset Boulevard is a personal blog mainly about culture, about cinema and music. There you can find many film reviews but you can also find little testemonials of my life. You can find the prologue of the novel I'm writing or my chronicles about women for a male magazine. You can find words I wrote when I was happy, some when I was sad... You can find the poem I read in my grandma's funeral. The letter I wrote to my british friends when I left England.

This is me. But that blog is me too... So me. And I need to start writing that way again, no shoes nor bags to distract. So I invite you all to take a look to my first house and of course, stay around because this one is not going anywhere!



  1. Great post!

    I feel the same sometimes...
    I put my word on sketchbooks :)


  2. já me basta bem aturar te um blog, no FB, no GDB, no MSN quanto mais ainda aturar te noutro :P

  3. Como eu te percebo!

    Também tenho saudades de escrever sobre algo que não seja apenas moda ou a minha tese de mestrado.

    A minha formação é em Jornalismo :)

  4. I'm not a Portuguese reader, but I support every kind of self expression :)



  5. Gostei muito do teu texto! E se realmente isso te completa, então força!


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