Thursday, 10 March 2011

It's my time!

Of course you know what I'm talking about. This is the online Benetton casting that already counts with 75.235 entries. About two years ago I created my profile and lately I updated with some more pictures once I have the feed of my blog posts in my page. I confess I never spent much time or effort in "It's my time" initiative but it's really interesting to look to profiles around the globe and check people's vision of the world and themselves by the pictures they choose, the clothes they wear, the sentences they write. Mine is really simple but I thought you would like to see the pictures (some from the blog) I have there and I chose to define myself. I don't know if this is my time but I do know this is me.


  1. You rock girl! Faz um print da tua altura, emoldura e espeta no quarto...ou no hall de entrada pa quem entrar saber quem manda aqui!

  2. i have a page too :) PrncszTffny
    take a look if you want too

  3. Ficou giro!
    Gostei da ideia,é uma viagem de momentos especias.Super bem.

  4. tão giro que ficou..em grande qd cliquei no link ainda + giro!! lindo, lindo :) e linda!


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