Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Kat eye

Everybody is talking about how ironic is this advertising with Kate Moss. Addict for Addict? Ok, but you know I hate obvious things and I don't really care if Kate Moss is a cocaine addict or not (her life, her problem and she's not going to be a role model to my children, too old for it then..) 
What I do care is about the make up. Gorgeous! I love this cat eye: is beautiful, classy and yet original. Does anyone can show me a tutorial teaching how to do this? And the eye make up totally sells the lipstick. Not too shiny but enough to make her lips look delicious. I had many Dior glosses (easiest gift to buy on a dutty free) and I found them always too sticky. This one looks softer and I'm really anxious to try, but that cat eye...

Welcome back Dior to my make up imaginarium. And Kate... You look addictive!


  1. She looks divine with that gorgeous cat eye!

  2. epá, quem me dera saber maq assim...bem pelo contrário pareço quase um palhacito!

    se souberes como faz, ensina a gente!

  3. A maquilhagem é linda! Eu adoro eyeliner mas ainda preciso de bastante tempo para conseguir fazer um traço certo. Ainda tenho falta de prática!
    Quando experimentares, partilha aqui connosco!=)

  4. E eu que já experimentei o baton e é maravilhoso! :D

  5. concordo plenamente contigo....e ela está MESMO addictive aqui!!!!


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