Sunday, 13 March 2011

Que sera, sera...

I'm very impulsive... I think fashion really fast and Ii'm a true shopaholic. I'm sorry girls! Although I didn't wait for your opinions, they are really important for me. But I respected my instinct and in less than 5 minutes I changed my first preference about the bags and at 3 in the morning a lucky one was already mine... Curious? It was already shipped! Wait a few days and you will see ;) I'm curious too to see it with my own eyes and look myself at the mirror with the beauty in my hand...

Moschino or Marc? What ever will be, will be...


  1. Ansiosa para o ver!
    E também quero ver as tuas melissas babe :)


  2. preciosos bolsos!!!

    feliz semana

  3. Um tenho um palpite que sei qual é a que encomendaste :)

    (tu tens melissas?! eu quero ver é as OC que compraste!)


  4. Que suspense...
    Estou para ver...

  5. muito obrigado pelo teu comentário! gosto muito do teu blog! =)*


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