Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Rare (plus Opulence and Paprika) for sale!

Finally I'm going to talk about this brand that british girls know so well... If you are a Asos customer you saw some Rare stuff for sure. There's the main brand: Rare, a low cost label with adorable garments. There's Rare Opulence that I talked here before: A more exquisite brand with lots of cocktail and night dresses. Some of them are just... Breath taking. And there's Paprika, a label for younger girls, but I bet that you would love it all, no matter how old are you, and the prices... It makes you want to buy the entire collection!
I got to know this brand in Asos.com and then I find out they have their own website. Even with the shipping costs it's worth it to order from Rare and guess what: They are in a mid season sale! Here are some of my favourites:

Opulence Layered Bow Bandeau Dress
Before: 157£ Now: 115£

Rare Dot Frill Shoulder Dress
Before: 32£ Now: 19£

Rare Wide Leg Jersey Trousers
Before: 37£ Now: 22£

Paprika Lace Strip Crop Top
Before: 20£ Now: 12£



Paprika Jersey Frill Sleeve Dress
Before: 22£ Now: 12£


  1. as melhoras Raquel! para ficar doente prefiro trabalhar :)

    u know that i love rare, ainda na tive foi coragem pa testar o site :P


  2. Lá vou eu desgraçar-me... Adorei quase tudo e os preços também!


  3. I love Rare!As letras nas etiquetas vem voltadas para dentro,certo?
    Tenho top de verão giríssimo da marca.
    Gosto muito.Adorei essas sugestões.

  4. Aaaaw, AMO o primeiro vestido! :)

  5. Adorei o primeiro e o ultimo vestido!!!


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