Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Reading Material!!

Yesterday I went to Spain to my very first visit to Inditex. All I can say is that Inditex is all you can imagine but even better. I was surrounded by nice and professional, good looking people in this amazing and modern work space. I felt literally in the center of fashion world.

Once I was in Spain I updated my reading material. You already know my opinion about foreign press especially when we're talking about fashion magazines. Although I prefer british or the french ones, I think the spanish editions are pretty good. I just can't wait to have the time to read them all. The supplements look incredible and I'm already reading and loving the Elle Fashion Book for SS2011. I'll try to take the best from them and make a post here later! It is true that nowadays with internet you can reach almost all the information available about fashion but still, I cant help myself from collect good fashion magazines and build my personal archive full of incomprehensible post it notes...


  1. Foste a Espanha e nã me trouxeste caramelos???Caramelos da Zara??

    Fotinhas da inditex nao há?

    (onde é que arranjas tempo pa ler esses calhamaços todos?)

  2. Essa Vogue e essa Elle estão a caminho da minha casa :D Mas apenas chegam Sábado :(

  3. Que inveja! :P

    Aquele vestido Versace na capa da Vogue España monopolizou a minha atenção!

    Recentemente comprei a LOVE, issue 5. Mas infelizmente, vem danificada na capa da Kate Moss! Era a última, não tive grande alternativa!

  4. Amei o teu vestido de snake!!!
    Continua assim...

  5. Epah estou tão triste... Então não é que os meus pais compraram a revista em Andorra (em vez de comprarem nas àreas de serviço de Espanha como eu lhes disse MIL VEZES) e as revistas vieram sem suplementos?? Ia morrendo!!!!!!! :(

    Adoro o Fashion Book da Elle!!!


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