Saturday, 12 March 2011

Think fast and pick one. HELP!!!

That's why a girl should never stay home alone at a Friday night with the credit card in her hand... I need a bag for Sping/Summer. Or maybe I don't but I want one! I need to add some color to my wardrobe and I like these two. You just need to pick one.

Presenting Bag nº1: Love by Moschino

- It's white. I never had one and I always wanted.
- It's funny and cute to use in the next season.
- I can imagine many different outfits to this bag.
- The gold chain adds some class to the bag.
- I like the material, looks fluffy.
- I don't have any printed bag.
- It's 25€ cheaper than the next one.

- It's white and I'm affraid it gets black in less than nothing.
- It has a strong print and I'm going to get tired of it...

Presenting Bag nº 2: Marc by Marc Jacobs

- It's an alternative to the Tiffany Picnic bag I'm soooo in love with.
- It has a removable wallet.
- Electric Orange is a great detail color for next season.
- I don't have any bag similar to this one.
- I like Marc Jacobs more than Moschino, yes, biased I know...

- It's made of PVC and seagrass.
- I'm affraid I can't style it with many different outfits.
- Probably I'm going to ruin the seagrass in one month...
- It doesn't fasten.

Making a pros and cons list it's really more useful than I thought. I think I have a favourite. But please, let me know what do you think. Bag One? Bag Two? Or just None?


  1. definitivamente a moschino, apesar de eu ser mais gaja do marc..é que a serapilheira dana-se toda num instante, nem uma semana!

  2. Ola, Sem dúvida a primeira, pessoalmente não gosto do material da segunda. A primeira é original, divertida e jovem...

  3. O 2º é muito bonito,gosto mais.A cor é fantástica é ideal para o Verão.
    A Moschino vai sujar-se toda,é bonita mas não acrescenta aquele apontamento de cor que tanto queres para os teus looks.
    Tenho uma da Zara muito mas muito mais barata e não se estragou nada,como uma MJ se vai estragar?

  4. A primeira!!!!!


  5. meu deuuuus a 1ª sem pensar 2x =)))) LINDAAAAAA e ainda por cima + barata ehehe!!!

  6. Pessoalmente optava pela segunda!

  7. Adoro a do Marc Jacobs, é linda!

    Kisses from

  8. A primeira!! (ou a segunda... ou a terceira!)! Aii, a primeira E a terceira!

  9. Hahahaha! Eu sou a favor de uma terceira mas não a vejo ;)


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