Thursday, 3 March 2011

This is the saddest post in this blog...

Last October in Paris I saw a Louis Vuitton Wilshire vernis in grey and I liked but I had doubts. I was stupid and I didn't buy. In November I went to Lisbon and London looking for the bag but it was sold out everywhere and it wasn't coming back. About a month ago I decided I wasn't giving up of my Vernis bag but this time I chose one more suitable for the summer. My perfect red detail: this Brentwood vernis in Pomme d'Amour color.
I asked a friend of mine who lives in Paris to buy it and send me. She did that and I waited and waited. The bag seem never to come.. The french mail said it arrived Portugal after 4 days, the portuguese mail said the package never entered in the country... I started get desperate, anguished, sad: It was a reasonable investment . I called one million times to one million people. I had people in Paris going to the Post Office every week until we decided to make an official complaint. The bag was sent inside the original Vuitton box with another random box in the outside so no one could guess what was inside. But still...

I already told you I'm not lucky with this kind of thing. Our worst suspicions were confirmed. The bag was lost/ stolen/ whatever  means that I'm never going to have it in my hands. I'm having troubles sleeping...


  1. hummmpt?? 1000 euros assim? não me conformo!!

    Adoro essa em azul petróleo... eu ficava da cor da mala.
    Que pena!!!

  2. Não foi assim tão cara. Mas cara o suficiente para me deixar... Inconformada!

  3. OMG!!! Really?
    Morri :/ isso deve ser augustiante! jases! :(

  4. oh pá! que azar! espero que ela ainda apareça...

  5. Olá!I'm sorry...
    Isto não devia acontecer..

  6. Que cena... :(

    Nunca passei por nada semelhante, mas acredito que deve doera..muito :/

    A mala é linda..


  7. ......meu deus e eu ainda me queixo da asos...... :( que situação ficava louca. ia a paris!! ai...não há nenhum recibo q a tua amiga tenha em como enviou p correio? e tu qd recebes tens de assinar, logo n ha nada assinado... ai q raiva. *********

  8. vai aparecer ainda, vais ver! e nao desistas!
    faz seguro de envio**


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