Thursday, 31 March 2011

With my feet on the ground!

Finally I'm out of bed and my dreams with Balenciaga bags stopped. I'll try to remain focused on things that I need and I'll leave the Balenciaga for sales. I just got my wonderful Louis Vuitton yesterday so my bag compulsion can wait (don't ever believe a word I say about bags abstention, but right now I swear this is my intention). Yesterday night I was thinking what I really need in my wardrobe: a pair of black peep toes, some statement accessories, shorts... All these I'm going to show you, step by step.

By now I just bought one of the things of my wishlist: a trench coat. I had one beautiful camel trench that was stolen in a club two years ago. One year ago I left a brand new Zara satin trench coat in a friend's car and I never got to see it again (my fault!). I bought this one from Vero Moda in Asos (today was the last day to use the 20% discount) and I'm quite happy. The cut and the color looks great. It was not expensive at all and I'm sure I'm going to use it a lot! Here is my first conscious purchase of the Spring:


  1. Que belezinha!A cor é fora do vulgar e adoro o corte e o detalhe nos ombros.
    Concordo é uma compra consciente.É versátil e perfeito para as meias estações.Gosto muito.

  2. eu cá gosto da golinha mimosa, assim à princesa! só te falta a tiara, com o vestidinho de menina ali de cima!

  3. quanto à saga das acredito muito que tenhas parado por aqui :)


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