Friday, 29 April 2011

Ride a white horse...

My horses are not white... Actually I don't think I can get anywhere in these but when I saw my father taking them out of my garden I ran into them. The wooden worses from our childwood (me and my little siss) are very old as you can see in the photos. But they were in our garden for years, maybe more than 15, and I had to ride them one last time.

I leave you with my favourite song from Goldfrapp that gave the name to this post. Yes, it may be early to 'dance music' but today I'm going to party hard. Tell you more later. Have a nice Friday!

Zara pants* H&M Conscious Collection top* H&M bracelet* Scapular necklace bought in Brazil* Asos Sandals

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Conscious Shopping!

After some work research today I had time to go to H&M and finally check the Concious Collection. I didn't try anything and five minutes after I was out of the store, just the way I like. I didn't find many things that I wanted and published here but I decided to bring these three items home. Cotton is without question my favourite fabric. I do love silk also, but it's amazing how many beautiful and confortable things can be made in cotton. Even better: Organic cotton. I took some pictures in the spirit of the collection and guess who showed up to the photo shoot...

I'm not a It Girls girl....

Marchesa Spring 2011
There are some girls known as It Girls of the XXI century, mainly of the last 3 years when the blogs started having more strength in the fashion world. These girls are said It Girls because they inspire others girls around the world with their fashion choices. People also seem fascinated by their "perfect" lifestyles, the parties, the friends, the vacations, the fame.  I'm talking of course of Alexa Chung, Olivia Palermo, Laura Conrad, Chloé Sevigny, Blake Lively, Kate Moss and the one and only Charlotte Casiraghi among others.

Although I recognize the fashion sense of these girls and believe they are trend setters all over the world I'm not the kind of girl that can name only one or two woman who inspire me. Actually I'm a lot more fond of the divas from the past than these girls from nowadays. Right now everyone is a trend setter, you can be one, just by posting your looks online or inspiring people around you. It's difficult for me to say that one girl is the It Girl, that she's always perfect and she daily inspires me because that really doens't happen to me... Mainly if we are talking about girls that the only job I know they have is to show up. It sounds a bit odd for me... But maybe it is just me, that never had ONE favourite band or ONE teen hero. I just go with the flow and enjoy what it's given to me everyday.

All this to say that I'm going to show here the outfit of one girl, not because she's known as a It Girl but because I loved the look from head to toe. I'm talking about Olivia Palermo in the Couple of the Year red carpet, two weeks ago in a stunning Marchesa. A neutral dress with bright shoes is not a new formula, but who said we are not supposed to repeat what was done in the right way? I saw the dress before but it looks just perfect in Olivia, with her pretty smile, simple make up, the red "Wizard of Oz" shoes, the Club Monaco sequinned clutch and the classy hairstyle.  Well done girl!

Yap, look at them... True or false, that's why they won the prize!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Just 4 days left to win...

...this high quality cotton night gown. It's perfect to use in a casual summer night, sexy, girly and fun at the same time. You just need to go here and comment. The best one will win =) Ah! Perfect to jump in the grass too!

Vitoria's Secret Bikinis

First rule: don't get depressed by the fabulous shape of the models. They are Vitoria's Angels and we are just normal girls but I'm pretty sure these bikinis would look great on us too! I'm picking some Vitoria's Secret stuff to buy and I started with bikinis. Vitoria's Secret is famous by the glamorous shows, A-list guests and amazing women.  Because of the huge marketing machine around the brand, most people think that the products are very expensive which is not true at all. It costs you the same as a medim range underwear store and the cosmetic are even cheaper. I have tons of lotions and make up I bought in airports and when I was in New York I bough gifts to all the girls I know from Victoria's Secret for less than nothing. So this might be the first of some posts about this brand.
Bikinis here we go! The first one is my favourite, which one is yours?

Marc by Marc in Porto!

A Marc by Marc Jacobs store is about to open in Porto downtown. Marc by Marc has a great quality/ price relation when compared to Marc Jacobs and the collection in amazing and diversified. As I mentioned here before, the store in Lisbon doesn't have many things and forces me to go online when I'm looking for something, mainly bags. Now a new store in my city is about to open and I hope that the store is full of beautiful things like the mice shoes I'm waiting for since... Forever! So let me show you some of things I'd like to see in the store and of course... I wish I could have it all!



I saved the best to the end: this gorgeous pink golden watch!

Sunday, 24 April 2011


I was supposed to be/ look like this right now:

If the view from my room window wasn't this:

Damn you St Peter! The revenge is going to terrible!!!
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