Friday, 15 April 2011

As the time goes by...

Hi there! It's been hard for me to post in the blog this month. I don't have much free time and a research like the one I did yesterday for bags takes time... I wish I could be more active in the blog, but at least I want to make one new post every week day. So here I am doing another post with old photos, a quick one, this time photos of me through the years. I know you like to see pictures and it's a pleasure to share them with you, so today let's have a look at my past! Some daily looks, new purchases and tendencies featured soon!

Baby Girl!
This is the only one I have in my computer, I need to scan some more because I was really cute.
My father says he has no idea what happened to me since then!

I have 19 in these two. With my older niece Maria that is turning 9 next week.

Vacations with friends.

Benfica and Me!

Casual for a night out.

University time!


All these photos were before 2005. Ohhh! My golden teen years ;)

I wish I was 21 again!


  1. Tãaao linda a Raquel.Muito giras estas fotos.Bjs!

  2. ahahahahahahahahhahhahahah o q te aconteceuuuuu?!! ja estou como o teu pai. parecias TAO LIIIINDA e agora és um trambolho..... ;) monga!! continuas Linda e maravilhosa!!!menos a foto do benfica :P

  3. a) tens as maminhas à mostra na primeira foto,
    b) mas eu perdoo-te :P
    c) continuas igual! nunca diria que foi ha 10 anos!
    d) a minha preferida é a do benfica!
    e) a primeira é uma fofura!
    f) vai postanto, por favor!*

  4. Adorable :) Aqui e agora ;)


  5. De facto a idade parece que não passa por ti.

  6. conheci o blogue hoje, vi a página toda e adorei! :D já vou seguir :p


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