Friday, 8 April 2011

The bag for a lifetime of Teenie Weenie's friends.

Remember the video of Net a Porter about this? If you could carry just one bag until the end of your life what would it be? After we saw the answers of famous fashionistas I asked my own fashion girls, you, the same question. I can say I received many different answers and some girls named wonderful bags that are not so popular but I must be honest... We do have a winner! Here is the podium:

It is not a surprise, is it? So in first place and far from all the others we have the Birking, the famous and exclusive bag from Hermés that is part of every girl's dream. Right after it comes the classic Chanel, and many girls said they prefered this one because is more practical to a daily use until the rest of their lives. Some girls mentioned the 2.55 that as you know doesn't have the classic CC in the locker but I think they were all talking about the same, so I posted here the classic, the one and only Chanel Flap Bag. The third place was difficult to get but the most voted among the readers and my friends was the satchel of 2010: the Alexa Mulberry. Of course the colors I chose for the podium are not the colors you'll want for a lifetime, although that nude of the Chanel is pretty convincing.

So what were the other bags talked?

Many models of Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Celine, Miu Miu, Furla, Proenza Schouler or Fendi. As a friend of mine said, I don't care, I just give you my adress and you can send me one of those home!

Last but not least I promised to tell you my choice. I thought a lot and of course Birkin is my dream bag. But we are talking about a bag to use everyday so I don't know if Birkin would be the best choice. I did some research and I found my bag for a lifetime:
Presenting you the Mulberry Jeweled Lily. It's not as expensive as a Birkin but almost... And it's pretty exclusive, once is a limited edition. It has something like 2.596 crystals and is handmade. Plus, like the Classic Chanel, you can use it as a clutch, as an everyday bag, in your shoulder or crossing your body and the color suits with everything. This is my choice!

What do you think about the results? Any surprise? Changed your initial idea? Share your thoughts with me!


  1. o podio não me surpreende :)
    continuo a manter cá a minha ideia na Coppola's Lv e quanto muito metia aí um pozinho da balenciaga depois de teres andado a sonhar (delirar?) com elas :P

  2. Eu continuo a amar as LV <33 E essas sim estão no meu pódio! ;)

    Mas este é bastante justo!!


  3. Yap! It was a surprise for me that NO ONE talked about the Balenciaga. I guess is not a bag for a lifetime ;)

  4. Tamém pra quem gosta tanto de malas, um pódio de três na chega :P

    eu conseguia mandar um pódio de 20 na boinha!

  5. fiel à chanel ! venero :P



  6. Eu apesar de tudo seria fiel à Neverfull da LV e a uma Silvana da Fendi.



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