Friday, 1 April 2011

H&M conscious collection: my choices!

I think I'm more excited about this collection than the Lanvin one. At least this one is prettier and it doesn't mean have to wait 3 hours in a line to grab a lame tshirt. At the same time what makes me like so much of this collection is the conscious thinking so similar to the one of the company I work. This collection is eco friendly and more than that: is beautiful. Forget the color block trend! Here everything is in tones of nude, pink, golden and white with the soft touch of delicate fabrics made of greener materials. 14th April in a store next to you!


  1. :P 14 de Abril...14 de Abril....mas entretanto vasculha alguma H&M na area pq a do chiado,como sabes, já começou a receber...e n deve ter sido a unica!!

  2. humm, só quero umas tee's, uns vestidos, um blazer, quem sabe uns calções...nada de especial!

    branco e verão, tã bom!

  3. Gosto de tudo o que escolheste!! Tenho que lá passar :D (os preços são muito altos??)


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