Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The Hip Tee and my Hip Bag

I told you in Facebook that I found my perfect bag for beach and summer lifestyle in general. Here it is, The Hip Bag.

This bag belongs to the Spring/ Summer 2011 The Hip Tee collection, which by the way I'm deeply in love!
The Hip Tee was born by the passion of two spanish friends for fashion and unique pieces: "The Hip Tee is a new concept of t-shirt design with a strong vintage look. Aged appearance with a completely manual process makes each Hip Tee unique, exclusive and different. There are no two Hip Tee alike.The brand stands for a “COOL T-SHIRT”. It is precisely the cool urban fashion which inspires us to our designs. Feminine looks, nonconformist character, street fashion and freedom stand in our designs."

The Hip Tee had a huge impact in media and many celebrities started using these t-shirts. Besides the Tees, the collection also has gorgeous accessories like my bag.
Here are some photos of the collection:


So... I want them all!


  1. a ultima é sem duvida a minha fav!! adooooro cruzes...e nem sou rato de Igreja..nem pouco +-.... ;) mas cruzes é comigo!*

  2. na sou apreciadora dessa mala que parece um bocado serapilheira mas essa ultima tee era gaja pra me casar assim! upa upa com o tule col da losa e tudo!

  3. mas espera aí...são caras pra xuxu! buahahahahah

  4. Também quero todas, pode ser ;)

  5. são todas lindas! obrigada pelo comment! =)

  6. São de facto bastante apetecíveis, todas as peças eheh :)

    Gostei particularmente da ultima heeh


  7. Adoro!Adorei a última rosa,a azul bebé,e gosto do saco.É a minha cara!


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