Thursday, 7 April 2011

Today was a good good day... I'm happy!

First I received at lunch time the new skirt and something else I'm going to show you soon and I adored. After that it was decided that I was going to my favourite beach in Portugal in the Easter break so I'm really excited. I miss Algarve!

But the best is yet to come... In a month my boyfriend turns 30 and we decided to spend that day in a very special location I always wanted to meet in Europe. Tickets bought! Think glamour, think royalty, think sea... Any guess?

And look who's coming with me in those two trips:
I saw these leather gladiators sandals today in my older sister feet and knew right away I wanted one pair for me too. They look just perfect for Spring/ Summer. I got a bit envious because my siss bought them with the Asos 20% discount that finished last week so I have to pay more for the same shoes but... Oh well... Who cares? I'm happy today!


  1. Tens umas sandálias muito parecidas a essas na Zara! :)


    As sandálias são muito giras,eu tb gosto muito!

  3. Que bom :))

    Diverte-te mt, SORTUDA :)


  4. Siiim a blondie tem razao,há na zara MUY parecidas!!! =)) sao liiiiiindaaaaaas! *

  5. Ahh eu estava laa! Nao te viiii, para a proxima vens-me falar!!

  6. Ahahaha, já as namorei na Asos, não achei as da Zara TÃO giras. Mas é pk normalmente ganha sempre o primeiro objecto que vemos...


  7. humm, na me consigo decidir pelas sandálias, teria que experimentar...

    mónaco?! vais pró monaco??? :D bem bom!


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