Tuesday, 3 May 2011


When I saw Camila Alves in this dress (Oscars 2011) I wrote here: remember this name! I'm talking about the label KAUFMANFRANCO that conquered many stars in the last years. KAUFMANFRANCO is a fashion label founded by designers Ken Kaufman and Isaac Franco in 2004. Their style is easily recognizable . The haute couture dresses scream glamour and femininity in the red carpets they can be seen. Here are some examples of other women that shined in a KAUFMANFRANCO design.

Elisabeth Banks
Vanessa Hudgens
Taylor Swift

Emily Blunt

And now you ask: How about you Raquel, which KF dress would you like to debute in a red carpet. And without thinking more than 2 seconds my answer is: "I can't choose. Look how many and how gorgeous they are".

Do you understand me now?  Or do you have one model that makes your heart beat faster?


  1. Wow!!As meninas que pisaram a red carpet não desiludiram,adorei!
    Das tuas propostas o que mais gostei,aliás babei,foi o segundo modelo(prateado)Huuum!

  2. those last dresses you posted are all really nice, I would wear any of them in a heart beat!

    usually I like vanessa hudgens outfits but i dunno that dress looks weird on her for some reason? she still looks beautiful though. and Elisabeth Banks's dress is amazing!

  3. I am not loving the colors so much, but.. the 4th one.. I will wear it right now :) its amazing :)


  4. 2º, 3º, 5º, 7º, 8º
    ainda bem que na tenho nenhum baile nozentretantos ou ia apanhar muito cabelo branco a tentar decidir me!

    (aka, UAU!)

  5. o 4º a contar do fim era menino para me pôr muito feliz..simples e chiiiiiic MAS são todos LINDOS, mesmo...MESMO!

  6. lindissimos todos!




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