Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Once upon a time in Cannes...

Tomorrow starts the Cannes Festival. How many times I imagined myself during the festival... Countless! I worked in some cinema festivals and I know that the atmosphere is crazy. Cannes seems to be a lot less cinematic than the other festivals I know even enjoying a lot of independent films they show to the world.
I have trouble believing you can feel the real cinema spirit in Cannes. Maybe a bit of Hollywood with no doubts...

I was there three days ago and the city was already a mess. Limos everywhere driving stars, Karl Lagerfeld opening a new Chanel store, paparazzi in every corner, straight security measures... Cannes receives every year all the stars from cinema world and they dress to impress like if it was a Oscar night. Add Côte d'Azur to that and there you have...

In Cannes you have all the designers stores you see in Monte Carlo but the differences are huge. Less glamour, more tourism, lots of voyeurs. It's normal at this time of the year I suppose... I guess I got a bit sad because all the cinema posters I saw were about blockbusters...
Don't think that I didn't like Cannes, because I did. It just didn't make my inner cinema student sigh.

I liked to get lost in the small streets, the old buildings, the local markets, the people getting out of the beach in bikini. I liked very much to get to know the Carlton Hotel and it's history and I adored to have dinner in a typical french restaurant. The fresh sea food in the front door where you can see it, the tasty bread and nice wine. And most important of all I was happy, really happy. It was a wonderful day in my life.
I think I must return to Cannes. During the festival to party like crazy and see wonderful films or far from the fest fuss to really appreciate the beautiful city.

Playing Monroe next to the great Paul Newman - Carlton Hotel

Presenting my second (I'll show the first tomorrrow) and last purchase of this vacations. The bracelet I was flirting with since March...

One day, who knows... Salaviza did it! Hooray to you!

Sometimes a smile says more than one million pictures. But this picture tells a lot about my smile...

After dinner and ready to party!

Cheers to you Baby!
Cosmo time, the pictures from here on were censured...

Asos dress* Zara sandals* Louis Vuitton Speedy mini bag* Hermés bracelet* Gucci sunnies


  1. Very charming, but there is quite a lot more to Cannes. It is definitely worth visiting outside the festival season.

  2. OMG, your dress is amazing. It looks so pretty on you and chic. I didn't even know tomorrow was Cannes. Thanks for letting me know


  3. Ai que nostalgia! :)
    Cannes faz lembrar old glamour..hollywood, não é?

    Adorei as fotos, estas linda em Cannes!

    Aii e a bracelet Hermes é linda.. ando a namora-la tambem :) You are lucky! :)

    Waitting for new pictures from your fabulous trip ehehe

    Kiss kiss,

  4. sempre tive curiosidade para efectivamente visitar o sul de frança, sobretudo desde ter visto o mr bean de férias (nã gozes!)
    adorei o teu vestido novo da asos, enquadra-se bem no glamour que descreves caracteristico da região e gostei muito da pulseira, mais do que das bangles de metal. esta dá um toque mais hardcore para quebrar o sweet da vestimenta!

  5. Hardcore foi a palavra que me veio à cabeça quando a vi no pulso. Isso ou sado-maso =) E soube logo que tinha de ser minha.

  6. Adoro o vestido.A pulseira é muiiito gira,mas vi aí um anel,huuummm,maravilha.
    Pois eu também estou doida e lembrei-me das férias do Mr.Bean...

  7. Adorei o look!
    Selinho no meu blog a tua espera :)


  8. Olá Raquel,

    Eu costumo pagar cerca de € 27,00 já com creme. Mas o meu cabelo é mais curto.
    Consulta os preçarios aqui: http://www.anabeladapoca.com/site/node/4


  9. Linda :) e classy :)

    P.s. nas fotos não sou e a Silvia :p



  10. é já amanhãaa! nem sabia!! ehehehheeh granda salaviza! E GANDA raquel!!! estás liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinda!!! pulseira Herméssssssss,vestido,sandálias,sorriso..devias ir morar para o mónaco...olha que pareces uma PRINCESA!!!! *

  11. Enorme Salaviza e grande Carloto Cotta. Obrigada Hella, so sweet of you ;) Vinhas-me fazer companhia?

  12. Bem, e a minha inveja continua! Ando a tentar convencer o meu pai a irmos fazer uma road trip pelo sul de Espanha e França. Foste de avião até onde?


  13. Amazing Dress!! I follow you :)
    Please visit my blog too!
    Kisses from México City!
    http://modacapitalblog.com ;)


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