Thursday, 9 June 2011

Super Claudia in my reading material for the weekend.

With my UK Harper's Bazaar issue it comes Claudia Schiffer wearing the amazing Prada hat that I'll die to have. This hat made more magazine covers than any model this year! Can someone tell me where I can find a similar one for a nice price?
About Claudia, oh Claudia. I never saw her as "the" top model but I love these editorials where she looks so similar to Bardot and I consider her a smart girl with low profile and good taste. Here is a part of the interview inside the mag.

What’s on your style radar this summer?
For me it’s going to be a very 70s look: Stella McCartney bell bottom jeans with the pockets in the front which are so cool. I’ll wear them the whole summer with little tees and cardigans.

Latest buy?
I’ve bought a great dirty orange blazer from Carven.

Summer obsession
Blouses. I have bought a load this season from Isabel Marant, Marc by Marc Jacobs, APC and Margaret Howell.

Favourite jeweller of the moment?
I don’t have lots of jewellery but I’ve bought some Monica Vinader pieces. One gold cuff and another one which has a stone in it which is more delicate for evening. Then two necklaces – one long and then a shorter one for wearing with blouses.

Go-to brand for swimwear?
I get an Agent Provocateur bikini every year – it has a great fit and Pistol Panties ones have a great fit too – not too plain as I really like bright colours.

Do you have any vices?
I love red wine and I’m addicted to Starbucks Frappuccinos.

So you have a sweet tooth then?
Yes, I love chocolate but I try to eat organic so I don’t feel so bad about it. I also love organic liquorice. I can’t live without sugar of some sort but try to limit it to the weekend when I make desserts and cookies using honey instead.

Are you a gym bunny?
I hate exercise, I didn’t grow up going to the gym, I grew up doing ballet class or playing tennis. I can’t do the gym!

But you must do something...?
I go to Ten Pilates in Notting Hill. There’s loud music and the time just flies by so I don’t think about it as being painful. I’ve done it two to three times a week for last three years.

What’s the secret of glowing supermodel skin?
I’m very bad with that – I have a facial maybe once a year – but I do drink lots of water and never use anything harsh like soap on my skin. I like using organic oils such as lavender which is very gentle. I am actually quite low maintenance.

Would you ever go under the surgeon’s knife?
I want there to be a wrinkle fighting somewhere in there – I don’t want to miss out on that!

A good weekend to you all, I'll try to keep posting during my long weekend in the south.


  1. Fantástica e a lembrar muito a BB.Gostei de ler a entrevista e de a ver na capa.
    O chapéu é ultra maravilhoso!!!!

  2. Está fantástica! Bom fim-de-semana e aproveita bem!

  3. I love her :)

    é tão simples, não é? ehehe


  4. Olá Raquel,

    lembras-te deste post?

    Encontrei uma mala muito parecida com esta, mas num tom mais claro, na Uterque. Confesso que só vi na montra e já estava sem tempo para ver melhor. De qualquer das formas fica a informação :)


  5. esta e a cindy cróforde serão sempre as Super Modeles por excelência. Sempre.

    Vais de férias?! e voltas ainda mai preta có que já tás? sortuda!
    diverte te :D

  6. Sempre gostei da Claudia e acho-a fantástica hoje ! continua com um corpo e imagem incriveis :)

    Nao conhecia o teu blog... fico seguidora


  7. hum hum frappuccinos, mi 2 claude! linda, cada vez +, e quer envelhecer e n quer ir à faca ahhh ganda gaja!

  8. you go claudia! continua fabulosa ao fim destes anos todos!

  9. ela é linda! e esta fantastica :)

    novas peças em: Procura No Meu Armário ;) ***

  10. I think she's great. I love how honest and open she is when being interviewed. I always learn one trick or two by reading Claudia!

  11. she's great, I like her interview answers! haha I hate exercising too, but afterwards you feel good, it's the part about going to the gym that's crappy :D


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