Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Pieces of my weekend

Maybe it is a bit late to talk about last weekend but it seems to me like the perfect timing. This week is being tough. I've been busy, worried and barely spending any time at home. It's raining outside, the skies are dark and look sad. I'm a sunflower, you know? Without sun I fade...
My weekend was the opposite of all this. I stayed in bed until lunch time, I went to the beach, I was with my friends and I spent quality time chilling around. I watched football while drinking beer on the couch, I had dinner at some of my favourite places and most importantly: I danced! So this cloudy Wednesday night is the perfect time to remember some good, shiny moments from last weekend. Enjoy!


At a friend's house after an afternoon by the pool.

The Hip Tee tank* Stradivarius shorts* H&M bracelets* River Island sandals* Rayban aviators

My legs in a mirror at the end of the night.
The pictures taken during the hours before were censored :)


At the beach after a cheerful lunch with friends.
I'm wearing my new swimsuit by Armani that I'll show you better the next time I wear it.
(Hopefully before next Summer)

Enjoying the sunset. Looking happy. Feeling good.

River Island dress* River Island sandals.

INKLING: the next must-have drawing gadget

I'm really excited about this new gadget you can buy next month for just 170€. Watch the video and you'll understand why. You can draw on any kind paper everything you want, create different layers and connect later all the information to a computer. There your draws will show up in vector and you can edit in Photoshop or Illustrator. This is will be great for designers: graphics, clothes, lettering, everything! I can't wait to have one to improve my designing skills.

And yes this post sounded a lot like geek stuff. Deep inside there's a social phobic geek in me! ;)

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Lanvin Fall 2011 UNBELIEVABLE Campaign Movie

Do you know the scene where some prostitutes were dancing "Do the Locomotion" in the film Inland Empire from the brilliant David Lynch? Well. This is even better! And yes, is Alber Elbaz you see in the end...

Monday, 29 August 2011

I think Jeffrey Campbell shoes are ugly!

Ok, finally I said it loud. I may like to see some people using them but I think Jeffrey Campbell shoes in general are really ugly. Litas are a good example of that.


I like these ones... Actually I'm considering of buying them... I'm a democratic fashion lover!

Jeffrey Campbell 99 Tie Wedges in Pink Suede at Nasty Gal

No matter what they say, diamonds are a girl's best friend!

Picture this: three girls by the pool talking about diamonds. Of course the conversation ended up in engagement rings and how amazing they would look in our fingers. No one was talking about getting married though... Just the rings... Girls will be girls, right? Let's have a look at good old Tiffany's and just sigh...






A good week to you all!

Friday, 26 August 2011

Be tender - White, Brown & Blue - the end of the day is always about you.

Ralph Lauren shirt* Zara maxi skirt* Zara mocassins shoes* Tiffany & Co necklace* Pedra Lua ring* Parfois hamsa bracelet* Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Mango: back in the game!

Like I said here before Mango learned the lesson from last Winter. The collection was terrible, the world was complaining: what happened to Mango, the store where I knew I could always find that pretty basic that I need?
I'm sure that Mango has a different marketeer in charge now. Or at least a different marketing vision. And true is they are doing just fine. They promoted a contest for bloggers (smart guys), they did a special shooting and video clip with Terry Richardson and Kate Moss (smart guys with a great advertising budget) and they moved their presentation shows and campaigns from Barcelona to Paris. Add some lookbooks with the amazing Isabeli Fontana to the recipe, some statement items that look incredibly feminine and there you have. This next season is going to be a success. Wanna bet? Think twice and watch this video first... Is worth it!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Fill your arms with Summer!

A friend of mine with excellent taste sent me this picture of her yesterday night and I had to share with you. The combination of colors is great! I was looking for this kind of bracelets the entire Summer and I love to see two or more together. These ones are all from Parfois new collection. Did anyone see them in the stores already? I want them all! And a tan like hers forever in my skin also!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Algarve 2011 Love Affair

I always said that Algarve smells differently but just this past week I noticed that the scent of "my Algarve" is unique. It smells like my childhood. It makes me feel calm and happy. Just happy...
I remember very well of the day my parents bought our house in Altura. Since then I started going there a large period of time per year and at the age of five I spoke english quite well since all the kids around were Irish. I have so many memories that I use to dream of those moments very often. Nowadays we have a different house, a lot smaller but closer to the beach, my neighbours are now spanish and I don't go with my parents to Altura anymore. But I still feel like a kid once I'm there.

During a week I didn't connect my computer to the internet, I didn't shop (ok liar, I fell for a gold necklace), I ate seafood like a lion (welcome home two new kilos), I didn't party like in old days... I just had fun watching movies at home after a walk, reading a lot, playing games at the beach, watching the sunset... I didn't even worry about clothes and my bag was almost empty with 15 bikinis (oops) and just a couple of shorts and tshirts. I found new beautiful beaches nearby, I went to the restaurants I like to go every year and I laughed with friends. In just one week in a small village in the South of Portugal I felt like everything was so damn right. Altura has that power in you. It makes you feel "higher".

Monday, 22 August 2011

Monday, 15 August 2011


Que em português é ainda mais sentido apesar dos 515 votos (o meu não conta) terem chegado de todo o mundo. Obrigada a todos que votaram, aos que apelaram ao voto em mim nos seus blogs e facebook, alguns até desconhecidos com que nunca antes tinha trocado uma palavra. Obrigada pelas muitas mensagens simpáticas de incentivo, pelos que descobriram o blog pela primeira vez e decidiram ficar. Muito obrigada a todos, em pleno mês de Agosto, pelo tempo que perderam comigo. Estou muito orgulhosa do meu resultado, 12º entre 165 blogs internacionais, mas acima de tudo absolutamente embevecida com o vosso carinho. Parabéns às meninas que seguiram e o voto que a equipa Westrags seja sábia na altura de escolher a vencedora.

Estou há 2 dias naquela que é para mim a melhor praia de Portugal, o meu paraíso privado desde que sou gente. Aqui ficarei até o último dia de férias para que nenhuma bateria fique por carregar. Beijinhos a todos e até breve.

Thank you all who voted for me for the Westrags Blogger Contest. I’m so grateful and proud of my result, you can’t imagine. I’m now on vacation in my secret spot in the south of Portugal for the next week. Greetings to you all and a huge THANK YOU.

Friday, 12 August 2011

The best things in life come in white & gold...

Like the sunset. Like the sea kisssing the sand. Like the color of our skin during Summer.  Like the perfect look for days like this. Like how imagine Heaven should be.

I looked for a white dress the entire Summer. I went to every store you can imagine, I went to every e-commerce. I bought a few that were cute but not THE white dress a girl dreams of for a Summer night. I didn't give up but, right now, this tunic-dress from Carolina Herrera's last collection is my white and gold must have. And the Hermès cuff, the perfect accessory I just can't stop looking at and loving more and more. Both are so delicate and feminine, I wouldn't mind leaving home dressed like this every day of my life. But, and there's always a but,  only if I had a sunset like this one shining on my life.

Carolina Herrera tunic-dress* Zara wood wedges* Springfield wood necklace* Hermès cuff`* Balenciaga First bag* Rayban aviators

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

It's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.

Abraham Lincoln said so and I couldn't agree more. After almost 4 days in bed, this afternoon I decided to react. I went for a small walk and had an orange juice at one of my favourite places ever. Santa Marinha Monastery, which is now a luxury hotel, is right close to my house and I grew up in those imposing gardens and rooms.
All my family main events took place there and I can't imagine a better place to be. The sun was too strong for me so I stayed at a balcony that I used to climb when I was little. Soon I'll show you the gardens that are absolutely magical and surely deserve a post in this blog.

I'm now feeling a little better and I want to thank everyone who voted for me in the Westrags Contest. I'm amazed with people's generosity. You still can vote by clicking on the badge on the right hand side.

The Hip Tee 'Life' tshirt* Zara pants* Alima Wedges* Hermès enamel cuff* Parfois scarf* Rayban Aviators* Carolina Herrera Shopping bag
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