Thursday, 4 August 2011

Start me Up

My vacations started in the deep north of Portugal and will end in the deep south. I spent two days in a stylish and relaxing unit of agro-tourism: Quinta da Pereira in Vila Flor, a small village in the Douro area.

The place itself was filled with good taste and a mix of feelings when in comes to the overall atmosphere. If, in one hand, you could actually feel the aromas of arabic countries, on the other hand you could see influences of French culture which could be found even in the smallest decoration details. It was a warm and cozy place which made me imediatelly feel at home.

Everyone was ever so nice, available and with a sense of hospitality which is not so easy to find nowadays. I felt welcomed, looked after and cared for. The food was absolutely amazing. Filled with intense flavours so typical from that region of Portugal, it was a pleasure for any lover of good food rich in olive oil and herbs.

This is a place I would definitely recommend for those looking for a relaxing weekend, far away from the busy city streets and yet in a luxury environment.

The Hip Tee star holes tshirt* Rayban Wayfarer special edition

H&M bikini

Some details of the beautiful decor

Pull & Bear maxi dress* Balenciaga bag* Massimo Dutti bracelets

Mmmmmm.... Hidden paradise.

Oysho bikini* Zara maxi skirt* Asdor sunglasses (vintage from my dad)


  1. Entao vamos la por uma ordem nos comentarios:

    1) Adorei a pousada, LONDA e chic(nao esperava nada diferente de ti!)
    2) o teu vestido comprido: comprei um do genero de uma marca grega q se chama BSB, vou fazer um post em breve!
    3) Os teus bikinis que ficam bem nesse corpo escultural!

    Boas ferias princessa!!

  2. Tu és linda, mas fiquei focada na pousada... Que maravilha!!! :D hehehe

    Boas férias!!

  3. OLHA-me esse bronze!! já não vou à playa ctg!!!! =PPP de norte a sul é que é!! viva portugaaal! *

  4. és tão feia que dói, credo! tapa me esse bronze essa barriga antes que te bata...gosto de descobrir estes sitios aí dos nortes, bom aspecto!

  5. What about the breakfast... room service was included?

  6. Ohhhh gata :) Estás linda e super feliz!!! O hotel é lindo e parece super confortável! aiiiii tb estou a precisar de férias, a ver se na 2ª quinzena consigo ir passear um pouco

    Kisses F. do mise en scene

  7. Bem... tanto a pousada como tu deixaram-me fascinada! Que bronze meu deus... precisava mesmo de uns dias assim de descanso! Está quaseee*

  8. n queria ser repetitiva mas tanto tu como a pousada têm mesmo muito bom aspecto! ahah*

  9. Essa pousada... Omg! :0

    Encantou-me todo o décor, mas vá o teu bronze não passou ao lado não :P



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