Thursday, 29 September 2011

Up up up and away!

Yes, I've been busy...

Madras dress (from Urban Outfitters)* Mango wedges* Moschino bag* Rayban sunnies

My Christian Louboutin experience

First of all I have to say that it is very difficult for me to spend a big amount of money in shoes. I damage them very easily so they never last long! I bought some really expensive shoes in the past but in the last years I'm happy with Zara. What can I say? True is I always felt some attraction for those red soles even knowing that many Louboutin owners are posers showing off and yes, I admit some models are cheesy. But girls will be girls and I like the classic Louboutin shoes, actually I find them really pretty (and sexy). So after some talking about my big purchase in Paris, someone (yes, you know who you are) convinced me that it was about time to buy a pair of designer shoes once I made some investments in bags in the last years.

I had tried some Louboutin shoes before but this was my first time inside a Louboutin store. That's Disneyland for women. I went to the one in Saint Honorè and at a first glance you can't imagine how big it is. It has two floors, shoes everywhere and a giant ferris wheel (with more shoes) that my friend made it spin and almost ruined the entire store. I was already imagining us being kicked out the store when she finally managed to stop the wheel. It was a funny moment, I must say...

Unlike many stores in Paris, the staff in Christian Louboutin is extremely friendly.  I was sitted down in a big opulent chair right away and it is important to say that the store was full of people and everyone was having a special treatment. I wanted some Bianca shoes. Nude or black, I think they are one of the most elegant shoes in the world.

I was surprised by the big amount of shoes they had in stock but there was not a single pair of Bianca in 37.5 size. The nice boy from staff told me that Bianca was the most wanted shoe in Paris and my size is the first to get sold out. He called the other two stores in Paris. Nothing. So I decided to try two other models I like: Bibi and Pigalle.

The first ones were extremely uncomfortable, too high for me and I refuse to buy something that I know I'm not going to wear (been there, done that, learned!). The stilettos were more comfortable, I liked to see them on my feet but there was a tiny little problem... The left shoe was too large for my foot, that is, who would say, my bigger foot. I thought I was getting crazy and I tried  a different pair in the same model. Happened again. The left shoe just fell in the floor while I was walking.

I know, I know... The problem must be in my feet and not in the shoes. I walked a lot that day, maybe something weird happen, I don't know. When I have something in my mind I'm pretty determined. I wanted to buy a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes that afternoon. Didn't happen. I was sad but relieved at the same time. I acted like a fool, it was too much money for a pair of shoes and I have to admit, mainly after this, that Louboutin is indeed overrated. I left the store and I went straight to Chanel where I bought the earrings and I'm really happy I did it. Maybe I'll buy a pair during sales season but right now I think the universe (aka my feet) was telling me that Louboutin is so 2008 and everything happens for a reason. I'm already seeing some Charlotte Olympia blinking at me...

(Hey I'm joking ok? They are gorgeous but shoes this expensive only on sale, decision made!)

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

New In: Isabel Marant tee (for a good cause)

Isabel Marant and Marie Claire are united in the fight against breast cancer. You can buy this gorgeous t-shirt for just 15€ at or in Bon Marché. I was lucky enough to find mine in the Isabel Marant's stand of this amazing shopping (it's almost offensive to call shopping to Bon Marché, I just love that place!) and I proudly wore it right away. Another mistery solved about my shopping in Paris but I still have one purchase to show you. By now just go to the website and buy the tshirt. "Because we all love tits" and this is a great cause.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Dear mytheresa, do you mind?

Sold Out

Sold Out

Sold Out

Sold Out

Having at least one of these Balenciaga Giant Double Armbands available in stock? Because I already looked everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE and you seem to be the only store selling them. But every time twice a day I check they are not available. An itsy bitsy green one will work for me, ok? Because I'm so tired of looking at Balanciaga small leather goods in your website that someday I'm going to buy one of these stupid key holders. I mean... They are kind of cute, aren't they?

Monday, 26 September 2011


In the last post you could see me wearing a dress from the brand LOVE.  If you are a Topshop fan, I'm sure you already saw the LOVE collection but now you can also buy it in the official website. LOVE is also loved by many celebrities and bloggers worldwide.

Teenie Weenie blog and LOVE decided to team up in order to offer a dress from the wonderful collection you can check online. By now let me tell you the rules:

1- Follow LOVE in Facebook.
2- Leave a comment to this post with the link of your favourite LOVE dress and your email.
3- (optional) Follow this blog by GFC or Facebook to read about the winner or further giveaways.

The giveaway is international and will run for a week. A winner will be chosen randomly and posted in Teenie Weenie's Facebook. Best of luck to you all!

O blog Teenie Weenie e a marca LOVE, que todos conhecem da Topshop e que é a preferida de muitas bloggers e celebridades, estão a oferecer um vestido a uma leitora. Para isso basta:

1- Seguir a LOVE no Facebook.
2- Deixar um comentário a este post com o link do vosso vestido favorito que podem encontrar na loja online e o vosso email.
3- (Opcional) Seguir este blog através do GFC ou do Facebook para que possam conhecer a vencedora e saber mais sobre os concursos que se seguem.

O giveaway tem a duração de uma semana e é internacional. Boa sorte a todas!

Silver & Gold (and another wedding party)

Why not? This year I mixed silver with gold a lot and I think it works very well in some occasions. These two shiny shades are, in my opinion, the colors of this season and I pretend to use both a lot.
This is the 6th wedding party look I'm sharing with you this year and it's not the last one. Is it just me or do you also had lots of weddings this year? This one was special once it was the only one from a family member and I had my entire family among the guests.

For this wedding I decided to wear a dress with a simple cut and I chose a simple hairstyle. LOVE sent me two dresses before I went to Paris and I decided right away this one was perfect for this party. The sequins create a beautiful pattern and the dress shined so much under the sun that I decided just to wear my gold necklace. Mistery solved about the Chanel purchase in Paris: the gold earrings you can see in the next photos. They have a classy vintage look that made me chose these among many others. Real vintage is my Lorion et Karels cuff that you saw here before. Golden Charlie clutch and I was ready to go. Last minute I decided for these brown pumps instead of silver peep toes and I'm glad I did it, once it was very cold outside and it even rained a little.

Now it's time to think about another week of hard work but I'll keeping you updated. A good week to you all. Stay tuned for some exciting news.

LOVE dress* Armani fur* Zara pumps* Lorion et Karels cuff* Tiffany & Co. Necklace* Chanel earrings* Mulberry Charlie clutch* Rayban aviators

Cheers to you Ana & Ricardo.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Paris - Chapitre Quatre et Cinq

Thursday was the last day of the fair and it was so busy that I only took one picture. This one during a break:

I'm wearing Zara dress and boots, Calzedonia tights and socks, Rayban aviators, my favourite pashmina scarf, the Tiffany's gold necklace I use everyday and my beloved Balenciaga.

After this week I'm truly exausted but I learned so much it was totally worth it. I met so many interesting people, including some working in huge designer brands, it was great to talk with them about work and personal backgrounds. I also learned a lot about fabrics and techniques and I have already one million different ideas pumping in my mind for the next months of work. I definitely want to return to Premiére Vision in February because here you see the true fashion world. Not the buzz from fashion weeks, the glamour of a final production, the wannabe guests that just want to see and be seen. This is about real work and I love that.

Friday was a different day. We were more relaxed and we went to St. Germain to some shopping and looking to new  collections. I didn't have the time to see all the stuff I wanted nor to shop to myself but I added some items to my wishlist. My smile says everything I feel about Paris, St. Germain in particular. Here are the photos and my casual look.

Original jumper* Mango jeans and tank top* Pashmina bought in Jerusalem* Zara boots and socks* Balenciaga bag* Gucci sunglasses* Hermès bracelet

And now it is time to get ready to another wedding party. Curious to see my dress? Tomorrow I'll get back to you. I wish you all a nice weekend!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Paris - Chapitre Deux et Trois

The fair started yesterday so as you can imagine, I'm even more tired than Monday. I barely had time to take pictures because fortunately the exhibition is being a success. But that means lots of work and also means I'm writing this post with just one eye open.
I wanted to show you though, the dress and the hat from Autumn/ Winter new collection that Westrags offered me. The bicolor dress was perfect for yesterday because I needed something more formal but with an edgy touch. Talking about edgy, the red hat I wore today for some shopping in Paris was a success. People on streets told me they loved my look and, of course, I got really proud. In Paris be Parisian and so I was.

In the next posts I'll talk more about the Premiére Vision, the new trends for 2013, my looks for these last two days in Paris and of course, my purchases, including what's inside the Chanel bag you can see in the last photo. I'm looking forward also to read the latest posts in your blogs, something I'll do as soon as possible and (preferentially) awake. À bientôt!

Westrags dress* H&M Trend Blazer* Alexander McQueen scarf* Hermès bracelet* Calzedonia socks* Marc by Marc Jacobs bag* Zara ballerinas*  

Westrags hat* Zara skirt* Massimo Dutti shirt

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Paris - Chapitre Un

I'm too tired too think/ write so I'm just going to share some pictures taken this afternoon and this evening. I love Paris and I think this love affair will last a lifetime. It makes me feel so... Alive! I still look at every building like if I'm seeing it for first time. Paris je t'aime!

The girls arriving!

Mango jeans & tank* The Hip Tee t-shirt* Stradivarius coat* Zara boots* Balenciaga bag* Rayban aviators

Me and Ligia at beautifuuuul Notre Dame

The Hip Tee lovers!

Les cadeaux de l'amour


Tour Eiffel!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Shiny happy people.

I wish I had better pictures to show you. Details of the sandals, of the clutch, of the dress... Photos taken in the beautiful garden where the reception was supposed to happen but it was impossible due the cold wind. Life is what happens while you are doing plans and that feeling is good, actually is great. Because when things are meant to be nothing else matters. And so was this wedding that reflected so well the newly married couple's personalities. Everyone was in a great mood, people were laughing all the time and we all had a great time. I can tell you that my dress is destroyed, my body hurts after so many hours dancing and I'm really tired.
You know you had a good time when you wake up feeling this way, you look at the pictures taken and all you see is a bunch of people acting crazy. Happily crazy. Cheers to you, Nídia and Tiago!

Nídia, the funniest bride I've ever met, and the back of her beautiful dress. I was taking this picture and three seconds after... Voilá! Guess who got the bouquet?

I was wearing:
Lunatic Italia dress* Herve Leger sandals* Prada clutch (borrowed from my stilish older sister)* Hermès bracelet

Saturday, 17 September 2011

10 thinks I hate (in fashion)

Luciana from LuceLove4Fashion challenged me to post pictures of ten thinks I hate. There are many things in the world that I hate, vegetables for example. But as this blog talks about fashion world I decided to keep my focus on that.

1- Extremely thin models:

2- "Lady Gaga" shoes:

3- Fakes:

4- More is more:

5- Polyester/ PVC/ Synthetic/ Lycra/ (whatever) fabric that smells terribly and it's not confortable against the skin:

5- Showing too much skin (off the beach): 

6- "90's style" breast implants:

7- Photoshop abuse: 

8- Too many different colors in a single look:

9- Extravagant nails:

10- Sales hysteria/ mess:

Does my "10 things I hate in fashion" match with any of yours? I'm not going to challenge anyone in particular but you are invited to do the same in your blog. Just say it in the comment so we can check later. If you prefer you can just tell your "hates" in this comment box.
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