Thursday, 15 September 2011

New In: Autumn browns

I hate to buy winter clothes when is still Summer. It doesn't make any sense to me! And today was insanely hot outside when I went shopping these items. Next week in Paris is going to be cold and maybe raining so I needed a hooded parka, some high knee socks and a pair of leather boots. You may not believe (once I'm a declared shopaholic) but the last time I bought a pair of leather boots was in 2008. Since then I always went for suede that, as you know, is not the best thing to wear under the rain and sky high shoes. We always prefer to buy pretty things that we want instead of useful things that we need. And yes, this is a metaphor. Shopping in Guimarães 3 days before going to Paris. How sad is that? Here they are:

Zara girls boots and socks* Calzedonia beige socks* Stradivarius parka


  1. Fiquei curiosa para ver a parka :)*

  2. Oh Paris, que bom!! Vai ser dificil não te perderes nas compras, mas posso dizer que já me aconteceu comprar coisas mesmo em cima duma viagem lol
    Coisas de shopaholics msm.

    Beijinhos e diverte-te!!

  3. oooh I want to see more! I guess we will have to wait,isn´t it?


  4. olha lá e mostrares MESMO?

    relamentes sô dona, ir às compras antes de chegar a Paris!

  5. É frustrante eu sei... Até porque em Paris há lojas maravilhosas com coisas unicas a preços muito amigos. Mas só irei ver lojas na quarta feira por isso foi um mal necessário. Mostro tudo depois que no corpo fica melhor :)

  6. Concordo, tambem detesto comprar roupas quentes quando ainda esta calor la fora!


  7. love it! I follow u!
    pass to my blog and follow me too :D


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