Saturday, 3 September 2011

Once upon a time a Tiger stole my heart...

These photos were taken some days ago at two beautiful houses in the northcoast of Portugal. Many friends and also my older siblings have beach houses in this area that I like so much. Caminha, Vila Nova de Cerveira, Vila Praia de Ancora and Moledo were some of the places where you could find me during this Summer and even though the beaches are great I prefer to stay by the river side.

I brought this dress home on the first day of sales. I loved the cut, the color and the dots but I only noticed the small tigers print later on. Did I ever tell you that I love tigers? I think I did, at least in my other blog. I like every kind of wild cats but my entire life I had a special affection for tigers. And truth is once upon a time, just like in a bedtime story, a Tiger stole my heart. And that's why when I found the little tigers at the bottom of the dress I got so happy. Once more I was sure we can't fight destiny and everything happens for a reason.

Little details like this one made this dress more than just a dress. Likewise, these patent shoes were more than just another pair of patent shoes. And this is one of the amazing things about fashion that I fear not everyone gets. In a larger or smaller proportion, you are what you dress and you dress what you are. Sometimes you don't even notice but your clothes have a story to tell, just like a perfume or a song can do.
I don't know if the story behind this look has a happy ending, but it was  surely an important page written in my 'fashion' diary.

Paul & Joe dress* Zara peep toes* Tiffany & Co necklace and bracelet* Rayban Aviators


  1. So glad you had fun in Potugal and you look beautiful. I really like your style and those heels are so hot. What a unique color! Your tan is gorgeous too.


  2. Great heels!!!!!!!


  3. Gostei imenso do vestido : )

  4. Love it!! You look amazing!

  5. Tão linda que está! Adoro tudo e concordo plenamente quando diz que as nossas roupas fazem de nós quem somos e contam a nossa história, afinal na maioria das vezes escolhemos o que vestir de acordo com o nosso estado de espírito!


  6. Lindo vestido, fica-te super bem!Os sapatos sao muito sexy, ficam a matar com esse teu bronzeado!

  7. portugal rocks pa e mai nada ; D e as gajas também dizem que são do norte que vão estudar para uk então...sardinha da boa!*


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