Saturday, 24 September 2011

Paris - Chapitre Quatre et Cinq

Thursday was the last day of the fair and it was so busy that I only took one picture. This one during a break:

I'm wearing Zara dress and boots, Calzedonia tights and socks, Rayban aviators, my favourite pashmina scarf, the Tiffany's gold necklace I use everyday and my beloved Balenciaga.

After this week I'm truly exausted but I learned so much it was totally worth it. I met so many interesting people, including some working in huge designer brands, it was great to talk with them about work and personal backgrounds. I also learned a lot about fabrics and techniques and I have already one million different ideas pumping in my mind for the next months of work. I definitely want to return to Premiére Vision in February because here you see the true fashion world. Not the buzz from fashion weeks, the glamour of a final production, the wannabe guests that just want to see and be seen. This is about real work and I love that.

Friday was a different day. We were more relaxed and we went to St. Germain to some shopping and looking to new  collections. I didn't have the time to see all the stuff I wanted nor to shop to myself but I added some items to my wishlist. My smile says everything I feel about Paris, St. Germain in particular. Here are the photos and my casual look.

Original jumper* Mango jeans and tank top* Pashmina bought in Jerusalem* Zara boots and socks* Balenciaga bag* Gucci sunglasses* Hermès bracelet

And now it is time to get ready to another wedding party. Curious to see my dress? Tomorrow I'll get back to you. I wish you all a nice weekend!


  1. Muito gira! :)
    E comprinhas não há?

    Já agora... qual é a tua máquina fotográfica?


  2. Linda!!
    Adorei as sacolas de compras.rsrs

  3. Adorei as meiinhas na 1ª foto :D

  4. Adoroooooooo o jumper cinzento!!


  5. O jumper é perfeito!

    Paris tem esse feeling, gostava mesmo de lá voltar brevemente.*

  6. Paris é um encanto. Fotos lindas!!

  7. Essas meias com laços são amorosas... uma moda que veio do ano passado e que vou continuar a adorar!

  8. Obrigada meninas :)

    Kitty a máquina é uma Canon SX210IS com zoom óptico de 14x.


  9. eina, meiinhas fofas, e o cabelo apanhado assim fica te muita bem...tem a sua piada que dessas feiras nunca se ouve falar nos blogs féxon, mas parece me que é aí que o mercado da moda, o verdadeiro negócio acontece!
    nice to have u back*

  10. Linda!!! tive o privilégio d ever ao vivo o outfit :)

    já tenho saudades!!!

    Olha o sabado de manhã foi só até as 10h30 lol mas a 6ª a noite durou até as 4h30.... passei foi a tarde de sabado a dormir!!



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