Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Première Vision

The next days are going to be crazy for me. I have a wedding on Saturday, I'm going to Paris on Monday on a business trip and I return just in time to attend another wedding the Saturday after.
I need to schedule my time in order to get the best from all the events and once for all I need to learn how to properly pack!

Première Vision is the most important fashion fair in Europe and I am really curious about it.  I'm also going to be in Paris to visit many stores and discover the new collections with my own hands. Hopefully I'll have time to go to some restaurants I love in Paris, but honestly this trip is about work and I am focused on that. It's been almost a year since I last visited the city and I just can't wait to be there again. If you know of any new store or spot that is worth visiting, I'll be glad to hear from you.

Also if anyone else is attending the Première Vision or is going to be in Paris next week, please let me know. I'd be really happy to find some of you in the magic city.


  1. Boa viagem querida, e bons...casamentos! Claro que nos vamos ficar a ESPERA de ver os teus looks!!!!Que sortuda, Paris deve ser LINDO nesta epoca do ano!!!!
    Tudo de bom linda!

  2. que bom! eu vim agora da expo worl fashion q nao tem nada a ver ecrtamente e foi um cansaço! imagino que essa deva ser bem pior!

    beijinhos e diverte te

  3. E quais vão ser os looks dos casamentos? ;)


  4. biaaaatch!

    eina pá, gandas vidas, muitá fixe, tamém quero! :)

  5. Kitty se ninguém me deixar ficar mal até lá será curto prata já no próximo que mostrarei no Domingo (espero) e longo vermelho para o outro que é de família.

  6. txiii ganda viagem de negócios, também quero!!! <3


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