Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Because the dog days are over...

Dog days will never be over, but the song and the images of the video I posted yesterday keep spinning in my mind over and over. I'm really tired you know? It smells like fashion week around here but this edition is going to be really different to me from the previous ones. Not only as a blogger but mainly in my professional life and that means Hard Work. I'm so scared about the next days but at the same time really proud for what I achieved in the last 6 months. I learned so much and that is the best reward you can have in your life: Knowledge. Today once more I went to Inditex and I once more I got fascinated with the fast fashion world. At the end of the day I tried some dresses from a talented designer and those unique art pieces made me sigh. How wonderful is when you can have the best from two worlds in just one day?

Since this afternoon that I'm wearing a heart pendant from The Hip Tee that Elle Espana is offering in this month special edition. It's the 25th anniversary of Elle Spain and the content of the magazine is delicious, I advice you all to buy it and use the heart tag as a lucky charm just as I am doing. So far I can say that is working (good news soon). I won't take it until Sunday because luck and love is all I need. That and this of course:

(Portugal Fashion starts tomorrow. Warning: I'll be wearing flat shoes! Come and say hi if you see me, I will love to meet some of you that comment or read this blog.)


  1. tired or not, u sound happy..realizada :)

    e bota salto nisso!

  2. claro que te digo olá ;)
    hihi dps temos de falar p causa de 6ª ;)


  3. Sil, amanhã liga!

    Carrot.... Amanhã os pés não me vão doer. Mas na sexta vão. Digamos que é uma medida profilática. Beijo!

  4. Ahhh espero ver-te! E muita calmiiiinha!

  5. You go Girl. E filas também são giros ;)

  6. Ehehe Sara no momento de estar nervosa nem me vão ver, que vou estar do outro lado ;)

  7. flats. Flats. como bem notado.

  8. ooh Fashion week! how exciting! take pics

    love from San Francisco,

  9. The Hip Tee that Elle Espana is alms in this ages appropriate edition.

    modest swimwear


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