Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Get inspired (by other blogs) - week II

This was the only Versace for H&M look that I saw and enjoyed so far. Zina has the perfect body and face which helps but this dress is really quite something. This is a total leather look and I think it works so well because she's showing some skin. Black opaque tights would kill this look.

I have a thing for beautiful people, don't we all have? I would be lying if I said looks doesn't matter, because it does. It's all about the ensemble you create when posting an outfit. And Mirian Pérez can turn a simple, comfortable look in something inspiring by showing a beautiful hair, perfect make up and a happy face. The touch of color is the key piece of this day look.

By now you already understood "leather" is the main word of this week choices. I love the way Annabelle wore leather pants with a colorful Winter coat and completed the outfit with a studded bag and golden jewels. (How gorgeous is this  Rebecca Minkoff bag?) Chic all the way for both day or night looks.

There is something I love about Natalie Suarez blog: the photos. You can't have a good fashion blog if you don't have quality photos and God knows how difficult is to get there. I loved this casual photo where a yellow skirt says more than a thousand words about her style. A biker leather jacket and a big, cosy scarf were the unpredictable choices that made me love this look.

Jane Aldridge has "the blog". She does it to herself, she doesn't care about prizes or advertising. She doesn't need to. At a first glance, Jane seems to be a spoiled eccentric kid from Texas. Maybe she is all that. Maybe not. Honestly all I care about is that she has a really good blog. I may think most of her looks are too much but you can clearly see she's just being herlself in her very special world. And the outfits posts aswell as the ones regarding fashion world are great.
Here again the leather. An oversized sweater and Givenchy killer wedges. If I would wear this during Winter? Of course not. But I liked to see it.


  1. Não conhecia nenhuma a não ser a Natalie e a Jane.
    Mas gostei do que escreves-te sobre cada (em especial da Jane) e tenho de ir ver os blogs :)


  2. Podes continuar a fazer estes posts que eu adoro os blogs que descobres! ;)


  3. Todas as Terças feiras saem 5 novos. Não garanto que sejam sempre bloggers diferentes mas pelo menos looks que de alguma forma se destacam (nem que seja pela simplicidade).

  4. Todas giras!
    ADORO a Zina e a Jane da "Sea of shoes" tem um estilo excêntrico e único compartilhado pela mãe que é designer de sapatos. A jane é única por isso mesmo veste-se para ela sem seguir tendências/blogs ou whatever.

  5. Sigo alguns destes blogs e também adoro, acho as super originais e únicas!

  6. Admiro é a paciência das meninas para estarem maravilhosas todos os dias.

  7. S* é preciso uma conjuntura muito especial de elementos mas algumas delas não publicam looks todos os dias. Outras são full time bloggers e por isso tudo se torna mais simples (ou não) hehe.

  8. tenho que ir aí checkar alguns que n conhecia, mas aquela primeira foto, adorooo!

  9. gostei das inspirações. todas as meninas têm um estilo fantástico :)


  10. Girissimas todas!


  11. Gosto muito deste tipo de posts !Esgotei especialmente da última moça !


  12. Adorei este post....

    Hoje inspirei-me na Annabelle...leggins cabedal, vestido preto e casaco vermelho de fazenda....;)

    Quero mais post com dicas e looks ;)

  13. Desta ronda conhecia todas hehe :)

    Estilos inspiradores, sem duvida.


  14. Excelente selecção Raquel :D



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