Thursday, 24 November 2011

Hey Boy!

(I have nooo idea what's falling from my bag but it looks good)

Today I decided to dress up like a little boy. I'm wearing a shirt that belonged to my boyfriend back from when he was a kid (you saw it here before) and a large knit from my older brother. You can only tell I'm a girl by the shiny headband, the polka dots tights and the high heels boots you can't see in the pics. I have to say I like this kind of look and I felt really comfortable in my skin, even having so many curious eyes on me.

I'm wearing:
Ralph Lauren vintage shirt* Mango shorts* Zara knit* Oysho tights and headband*
The Cambridge Satchel Company bag* Abataba bracelet

Tomorrow starts my holiday season marathon: my sister's birthday at lunch and the twins birthday huge party named: "The Royal Birthday" at night. I'm looking forward for this party, I know I'm going to have great fun and everyone is going to look so good as they always do. I'm not going to wear a dress this time: uhuhuhuuu. Curious? Saturday is time to another wedding, the first one this year I'll be wearing a coat and all I can think now is how I'm going to style my hair. Any idea is welcomed!

Thursday I'm going to Madrid for some days and then the week after I hope I can go to the countryside for a mini vacation. After that I have all the Christmas parties, including the one from my company and on December 22nd is my birthday. Christmas arrives right next and the day after I'm leaving to Vienna (a dream came true) and then Bratislava. New year's eve party to end my vacations and hopefully I'm be alive to get back to work on January 2nd. I think I've never been so busy during holiday time like this year. And how about you, any plans for holidays?


  1. Arranjei um plano ao ver aqui isto: consumir o álcool necessário para me causar danos cerebrais irreversíveis, para que a porteira do meu prédio se pareça permanentemente com a senhora que aparece de perna alçada aí no "you might also like".

  2. Panurgo: O "you might also like está sempre a mudar", ilumina-me!

    Ego: You love to see the photos where I'm not showing my face :)

  3. Adorei a combinação. E essa mala é linda
    Quero uma muito rápido

  4. Pois mudou. Também não era um plano muito inteligente... enfim =(

  5. UAU!!! Olha, adorei!!.... A sério.... Estás diferente, mas fica-te tão bem!!! :) Gostei imenso, a sério!


  6. que máximo, gostei muito! super diferente mas bem como sempre:)

  7. Parece que vai ser um mês em cheio e não poderia ser melhor!


  8. que fofa! pareces uma colegial babe :)

  9. Adorei esses calcoes!!! E essa carteira esta super bem combinada com o resto!!! A fitinha no cabelo e pronta para o colegio!!!!
    Linda como sempre!!!!

  10. Muito bom gosto, as always... Gostei muito!

  11. eu cá gosto de visuais masculinos, gosto e não é pouco, mesmo. desde que sempre com saltos altos :p

  12. oooh ficaste tão gira :D

    E a camisa é msm gira ;))



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