Saturday, 17 December 2011

Polka Dot

Yesterday was raining cats and dogs when I arrived the shooting location. I grabded the umbrella I had in the car and all the sudden I was all matchy-matchy, polka dots and more polka dots, white with white, green with green. When my dear photographer arrived some minutes after, the rain had stopped but we decided to include the umbrella anyway. Here is the result and I really hope you like it.
This is also the last look you'll see here for a while. There's a lot to do in my professional and personal life so I decided to take some time out from the blog. You may not believe but this blog takes about 3 to 5 hours of my day and right now I need that time to get focused on other things.
Of course blogging is completely addictive (the interaction even more) and I love do it so maybe I won't disappear at all, maybe in two days I'll be posting again :) Right now the only certainty I have is that I need to slow down the rhythm: my birthday arrives next week, so is Christmas and then my dream trip to Vienna and loads and loads of work to be done when I return. I'll keep you updated on Facebook though. See you around dear fellow bloggers, readers and friends.

Photo Credits: Cristina Ferreira
I'm wearing:
Zara boots, skirt, shirt and umbrella* Oysho tights* The Cambridge Satchel Company bag* Tiffany & Co ring* Artesanato da Maria handmade necklace

Friday, 16 December 2011

My black jumpsuit

I was planning to buy a classy jumpsuit that I could wear for a party for ages but I was still looking for the one. I was also looking forward to buy something from Aqua collection because I truly love their designs. They are original, minimal and yet feminine... You got to love them, too bad it's a bit expensive. So today was the day. Until Saturday night you can enjoy a 20% discount off everything by entering the code SHOP20 at Asos and so I did. I hope it gets home in time to NYE. Have a look at Aqua collection at Asos here!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Get inpired (by other blogs) - Week V

 I met Vicky during the Westrags contest and since then I follow her blog. I have no doubts she has one of the best spanish street style blogs and is wonderful to see Andorra as the setting. I don't like Lita shoes as you know, but I've surrended myself to this entire look. Mainly to the Brigitte Bardot hairstyle, so gorgeous. I have a crush for 70's and hippie lifestyle and Vicky styled a perfect look. Even the car! The picture is just beautiful.

Jessica Stein is my favourite Austalian blogger, not only because of the Australia sets but also because she's always travelling around the planet and telling a bit more about what she sees. I'm not very fond of the glitter trend but I really enjoyed to see this look. A simple pair of black stilettos and a white t-shirt can make wonders in your wardrobe. This is the proof.

Another american girl here in the blog. Don't you just love Rachel Marie? She's such a doll, I wish one day I could have a child like her :) I always love her looks but I chosen this one because the colour palette is pefect. Earth tones, some burgundy and black and those amazing girly boots. And the hair... How do I manage to have mine looking that way? I guess I don't...

Anouska is the first Irish girl I present here and just like Rachel Marie she's a model too. The first thing I fell in love with in this look was the bag. So cool! Then the vintage denim coat that I love to see styled with black and fur. Biker boots, Wayfarer sunnies, a messy up-do and here we have our rock and roll look of the week.

I could be talking about Cosette because she's now running for Mango 2012 It Girl but that was not fair. Since the very first week that I wanted to show her here. She doesn't have a fashion blog, she has a blog, period. A blog where she shares her love for art, for vintage stuff (not only clothes), her aesthetic sensibility. In the post she shows this photo, for example, she talks about Magritte and how his paintings inspired her in this shooting. And she's not only a pretty face, she's an exquiste beauty that  you don't get too see every day.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Fast Forward: Chanel Pre-Fall 2012 Bombay - Paris

Last Tuesday, Chanel presented their pre-fall collection for 2012 in Metier d'Arts collection in Paris. The collection was inspired in India and only thinking of that I'm already loving the collection. Karl Lagerfeld never went to India but he found that even more inspiring that actually knowing the country. This way he was influenced by the entire media culture that brings India to us every day. See some of the clothes and details and get inspired to your daily choices right now in Fall 2011.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Stripes, skulls and bikes

In these last 5 days of mini-vacations I became the laziest thing you can imagine. Excluding the two dinners I had with friends, I spent the entire time watching films wrapped in a blanket, eating in the sofa and sleepping more than 10 hours per day. December, always December... The worst month in the year is back and I'm trying to survive.
These were the only pictures I managed to take during the weekend once it was always dark when I left home and even these ones are a bit blurred. Day light is urgently needed around here... Inside-out!

Back to the photos, I was really happy to be riding a vespa but someone forbade me to take pictures while driving it so here are the "safe" ones.
Have a nice week and don't forget to check my Blog'Xmas here in Xanalicious!

 Remember about this? I got it :)

I'm wearing:
Mango jeans* Sfera tshirt and vest* Acne boots* Cambridge Satchel Company bag* Papaya crystal skull bracelet* The Chains of Love skulls bracelet* Tiffany & Co necklace and ring

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Red Nose Day

Some time ago a friend of mine, Filipe Cortez,  painted a portrait of me. He is a fabulous artist (you can see some of his work here) and I was really happy when I saw the final result. Today he told me that the painting was bought, which means my red nose kissing a Corona beer will be in someone's wall. Crazy hun? Here is the painting:

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Get inspired (by other blogs) - week IV

Today I'm really, really busy and I don't have much time to talk a little bit more about the looks I chose. But it's Tuesday and I didn't want to let you down so here is the weekly "Get Inspired". Why don't you tell me why do you think I chose these looks? Enjoy!

The contrast. The woodie and the skirt. The fierce boots and the messy hair. The picture.

The mix of colours and patterns. Mint, white, black and red. Stripes and polka dots. The picture.

How cool is to ride a bike in your high heels. Green high heels! Not to mention the navajos coat, I just love navajos. And the picture.

Baggy leather shorts, large white shirt. Girly hair, shoes and the satchel bag. The picture.

White lace dress. Long curly hair. Skulls, black leather and rock and roll. The picture.

(I think there's a pattern here!)

Lace and fur for a Winter wedding party

Everything was done in a hurrry for this wedding: I returned the dress I bought for it, the shoes I ordered were too big, I had another pair of thights and the photos weren't supposed to be taken in the balcony... But everything turns to be just fine when you have people around supporting you. I wear stuff from the women in my family all the time. Jewels from my mother, shoes from my stepmother, bags from my sister and dresses from my sister in law. We have a similar taste and we all wear almost the same size so it's easy to find something to wear last minute for a party.
For this wedding (beautiful one by the way, just beautiful) I'm wearing dress, coat and earrings from my sister in law, Filipa. She has such a good taste, it's really easy to find something that I like in her closet. And she's so kind, she doesn't mind at all borrowing me stuff as I do to her all the time. So here I am, after having my hair done, in the balcony (because I was late for the wedding and I didn't want to carry the big heavy camera with me), wearing polka dot tights (last minute I couldn't find the ones I bought for this dress and I didn't had time to buy any others) and nude shoes (the black ones were open at front and these tights were not suitable). Guess what? It was an amazing night.

Dress, coat and antique earrings from sister in law* Lorion et Karels vintage cuff from my mum* Massimo Dutti tights* Zara shoes* Mulbery clutch

Monday, 5 December 2011

Madrid Shopping

In my mind were Christmas presents to buy and that was my number one priority. But of course I also had time to buy some stuff to myself. Only three stores: Sfera, Papaya and Tiffany. I bought some crazy Superman panties at Topshop but I won't show you :) I visited many stores too and that was the most important of all. To look with my own eyes, touch the fabrics, understand the designs. I discovered for instance that the Arty ring from YSL is an ugly piece of metal that makes my fingers look weird. And I also discovered (maybe I already knew) that the best stores are the ones in museums and I should spend more time there instead of high street stores. Last but not least I'm only sorry I didn't manage to go to COS. Looking at all now, I think it was quite good for a Christmas shopping spree.

Faux Fur vest from Sfera.
I'm wearing it everyday since I have it. Just fell in love right away with it.

Sfera polka dot burgundy blouse.
It was bought thinking about someone else but it ended up to be mine. And you know how much I love polka dots...

Love & Co leather bag bought at Papaya where I bought this bracelet too. I was not expecting to buy another bag but I couldn't resist this one. Perfect little thing...

I don't need to say much. Two hearts, one ring, you already pictured it.

And I bought this chain so I can carry it as a pendant too. Actually I think this is the most beautiful "necklace" I own from Tiffany. Spontaneous ideas are always the best.

Prada envelope clutches

I see them outside the store in Calle Serrano. I'm magnetically attracted to them, an envelope clutch is exactly what I need and I've just realized it. A blonde elegant lady comes to me and smiles. "Son muy monas, tan sencilitas" I say to her, "Se acaban de llegar para Navidad" she replies. I smile. I love brand new stuff. I look at the price, it's less than I iniatilly thought. I start hanging one and the other in front of the mirror. Blue, pink, nude, green. What should I have? She says black is always a good choice. I know it is, I need a black clutch but black is so boring. "Verdad, las otras son preciosas, mira la amarilla". And I do, I hold her in my hand and I try some silly faces in front of the miror. "Precisosa" she says again. But I also like the green, the blue, the pink and the nude. I like them all. I tell her I need to ask my boyfriend for his opinion and I take the catalogue home. You are my second boyfriend you know... So he liked the nude one, men are so predictable. What about you? They deliver in Portugal...

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