Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Get inpired (by other blogs) - Week V

 I met Vicky during the Westrags contest and since then I follow her blog. I have no doubts she has one of the best spanish street style blogs and is wonderful to see Andorra as the setting. I don't like Lita shoes as you know, but I've surrended myself to this entire look. Mainly to the Brigitte Bardot hairstyle, so gorgeous. I have a crush for 70's and hippie lifestyle and Vicky styled a perfect look. Even the car! The picture is just beautiful.

Jessica Stein is my favourite Austalian blogger, not only because of the Australia sets but also because she's always travelling around the planet and telling a bit more about what she sees. I'm not very fond of the glitter trend but I really enjoyed to see this look. A simple pair of black stilettos and a white t-shirt can make wonders in your wardrobe. This is the proof.

Another american girl here in the blog. Don't you just love Rachel Marie? She's such a doll, I wish one day I could have a child like her :) I always love her looks but I chosen this one because the colour palette is pefect. Earth tones, some burgundy and black and those amazing girly boots. And the hair... How do I manage to have mine looking that way? I guess I don't...

Anouska is the first Irish girl I present here and just like Rachel Marie she's a model too. The first thing I fell in love with in this look was the bag. So cool! Then the vintage denim coat that I love to see styled with black and fur. Biker boots, Wayfarer sunnies, a messy up-do and here we have our rock and roll look of the week.

I could be talking about Cosette because she's now running for Mango 2012 It Girl but that was not fair. Since the very first week that I wanted to show her here. She doesn't have a fashion blog, she has a blog, period. A blog where she shares her love for art, for vintage stuff (not only clothes), her aesthetic sensibility. In the post she shows this photo, for example, she talks about Magritte and how his paintings inspired her in this shooting. And she's not only a pretty face, she's an exquiste beauty that  you don't get too see every day.


  1. Adorei a 1ª imagem :) Grande post!

  2. Gosto de todos eles, muito giros mesmo.


  3. nem sempre pelos outfits mas sobretudo pela qualidade fotografc e enquadramentos. são fotos que fazem sonhar um bocadito por outros países.

    se nã imaginasse as lantejoulas a espetarem-se-me pelo rabiosque acima cada vez que me sentasse ainda arriscava numas leggings como as da jessica :)

  4. Gostei imenso. Não conhecia os blogs e agora estan todos em favoritos :)

    A Vicky tem um blog lindo mas acho que ela é argentina.

    Beijinhos, Mayte S.

  5. Bom post, alguns não conhecia :)

  6. Mayte honestamente não sei qual é a origem dela, mas sei que vive em Andorra e ganhou recentemente um prémio de melhor blog pela Marie Claire Espana.

  7. éeee lecas blogs novos por decobrir..so conheço 1 daqui :)

  8. tu só me fazes mal com estes posts, cada vez mais tenho mais coisas para ver e menos tempo para o q é importante :)))

  9. Já conhecia algumas, adoro o estilo de todas.

  10. Nice cute outfits. They all look pretty!:)

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
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    BLOG: http://www.saboskirt.blogspot.com

  11. Thank you so much Fer!!! and that's right I am Argentinian but I live in Andorra :D

  12. Adoro conhecer estas inspirações! É assim que se conhecem óptimos blogs! *

  13. Gostei mesmo muito de todos ❤


  14. Beautiful. :)


  15. Adoro o da Rachel Marie :) os outros não conhecia, cada vez há mais bloggers e a lista das que sigo já é enormeeee! :p


  16. A colheita desta semana é muito superior.

  17. Adoro este get inspired, dá-nos a conhecer novos blogs muito bons! Não conhecia o 3º e adorei!


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