Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Get inspired (by other blogs) - week IV

Today I'm really, really busy and I don't have much time to talk a little bit more about the looks I chose. But it's Tuesday and I didn't want to let you down so here is the weekly "Get Inspired". Why don't you tell me why do you think I chose these looks? Enjoy!

The contrast. The woodie and the skirt. The fierce boots and the messy hair. The picture.

The mix of colours and patterns. Mint, white, black and red. Stripes and polka dots. The picture.

How cool is to ride a bike in your high heels. Green high heels! Not to mention the navajos coat, I just love navajos. And the picture.

Baggy leather shorts, large white shirt. Girly hair, shoes and the satchel bag. The picture.

White lace dress. Long curly hair. Skulls, black leather and rock and roll. The picture.

(I think there's a pattern here!)


  1. Hi nice post.
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  2. Nice post dear! I like this selection! :-)

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  3. nice post,check out my blog

  4. lovely pics, i always read songofstyle!

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  5. oooohh!!great inspiration!!

    Visit my blog and, if it like u, became my new follower! ( I follow back! always!!)
    have a great Sunday!

  6. e eu era a sexta a dizer "naisse coise, check mine and get really inspired" :p

    adoro sandra, pelo cabelo, invenções, layering...pelo rock da coisa.

    adoro a wendy, os baggy shorts, a simplicidade da camisa branca nos baggy shorts...ai baggy's!

    e a ultima que na conhecia, renda...aço e cabelo uau!

  7. Hahahaha mas ao menos dizias have a great tuesday e não sunday como a menina de cima que parece estar em ácidos. Haja paciencia!

  8. Espero que continue a fazer estes posts porque pelos vistos andam aí muitos blogs que não conheço!


  9. Eu como tanto blog At. Bons, maus... Tudo e mais alguma coisa de onde possa tirar informação. E sim, os bons vêm cá parar :)

  10. gosto tanto deste post que tu fazes! :) assim ficamos a conhecer ainda mais blogs

  11. Tantas inspirações! Adoro adoro a Wendy, está sempre deslumbrante. E a Sandra e a Liz também claro:)
    os outros dois blogues desconhecia mas fiquei fã!

  12. I loooove the last look!! gorgeous!


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