Monday, 5 December 2011

Madrid Shopping

In my mind were Christmas presents to buy and that was my number one priority. But of course I also had time to buy some stuff to myself. Only three stores: Sfera, Papaya and Tiffany. I bought some crazy Superman panties at Topshop but I won't show you :) I visited many stores too and that was the most important of all. To look with my own eyes, touch the fabrics, understand the designs. I discovered for instance that the Arty ring from YSL is an ugly piece of metal that makes my fingers look weird. And I also discovered (maybe I already knew) that the best stores are the ones in museums and I should spend more time there instead of high street stores. Last but not least I'm only sorry I didn't manage to go to COS. Looking at all now, I think it was quite good for a Christmas shopping spree.

Faux Fur vest from Sfera.
I'm wearing it everyday since I have it. Just fell in love right away with it.

Sfera polka dot burgundy blouse.
It was bought thinking about someone else but it ended up to be mine. And you know how much I love polka dots...

Love & Co leather bag bought at Papaya where I bought this bracelet too. I was not expecting to buy another bag but I couldn't resist this one. Perfect little thing...

I don't need to say much. Two hearts, one ring, you already pictured it.

And I bought this chain so I can carry it as a pendant too. Actually I think this is the most beautiful "necklace" I own from Tiffany. Spontaneous ideas are always the best.


  1. Essas peças da Tiffany são um sonho!

  2. Aiii gostei de tudo.. mas amei as peças da Tiffanys, claro :)

    Que bom gosto!

    E agora fiquei com vontade de ir ate Madrid eheh, Topshop etc :)

  3. Estive seguramente um hora na Tiffany... Depois de estar lá dentro é muito dificil me arrancarem daquele sitio, pareço uma miuda!

    Sara a Topshop em Madrid é um fiasco. Os preços são muito inflacionados e não tem muita coisa. Compras melhor online. Beijinhos

  4. Só coisas lindas ❤
    o pelinho adoro, a blusa é linda, a cor e as bolinhas :D
    E os corações da Tiffany nem preciso dizer que são super fofinhos ❤
    E o padrão da mala é super engraçado :D


  5. Adorei as tuas compras!! O colar é tão fofinho! E nem falo na bijuteria :)


  6. ora, eu queria ver as panties!

    some day i'll have a tiff's ring too. i guess :p

    gostei muito da ideia espontanea!

  7. Nice gostei muito, mas o pendente e usá-lo como colar...adorei :)

  8. A ideia é usá-lo como anel mas como sei como sou com as coisas, assim tenho mais uma opção para não me cansar :)

    Carrot, só por ser para ti...

  9. as pecinhas da tiffanny são um amor!

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  11. Gosto de tudo, a viagem rendeu =)


  12. Gostei imenso das peças da Tiffanys, é daquelas marcas de sonh0 :D

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