Monday, 28 February 2011


I was right.... They were saving all the glamour to the Oscars.  I was watching the ceremony and thinking: Oh this one looks good, this one also and this too... Ok there are some dresses I didn't like but are so many I loved... Positive mark to the Oscars 2011. Reese Witherspoon and Celine Dion in Armani Privé, Portman in Rodarte, Mila Kunis in Elie Saab, Kidman in Dior, Blanchett in Givenchy... Just see it all in my favourite online magazine for gossiping and red carpet awards: People Magazine.

Just one thing... Rachel Zoe, I know you're pregnant, tired of being so Zoe but you should have avoided 3 Hathaway disasters. She looks stunning in the other 5 looks but seriously, the tuxedo, the grey blossom weird Westwood thing and the long sleeved Tom Ford she wore in the end were not good choices. The hair though was amazing, she changed the hairstyle so many times and I loved each one of them.

She first showed up in the red carpet in this beautiful red Valentino.

I'd love to post all the looks I liked and didn't but it's too much information, It's Oscars, my head is still spinning about the movies and speechs (sad for Fincher and for the Inception). So I'm going to post just the Best Dressed of the night for me:

Gwyneth Paltrow! First in Calvin Klein and later on stage in Michael Kors.


And for last someone please tell me what Camila Alves is wearing. I couldn't discover yet but I know I love it!

I already found out: Kaufman Franco. Save this name!

Sunday, 27 February 2011

My Jasmine disguise for a night in Disneyland.

There's not much to say. My friends like to party big and this Birthday day boy is one of the best doing that. He closed his restaurant to his friends, asked everyone to dress like Walt Disney movies and we all had fun like hell. Here are some photos:

Jorge "Sparrow" Baptista

Of course I wasn't going to buy some polyester disguise to my Jasmine. I had a week to think about it and I found out all I needed was a wig. A witch wig actually, that I managed to look like Jasmines hairstyle thanks to the golden headband and the blue hair rubbers. I'm wearing a Celyn b by Elisabetta Franchi body top, silk handmade harem pants my boyfriend offered me in the summer, golden pashmina bought in Jerusalem, vintage earings and necklace from my mother (80's) and Mango golden sandals. My make up is all about sun powder and a dark foundation, black eyeliner and mascara, blue eye shadow in the lower eyelid and red lipstick.

My Aladdins!

Esmeralda and Alice

Buzz Lightyear and Minnie Mouse

Little red riding hood, Mickey Mouse and how Jasmine got blonde after some hours...

Happy 31 JB!

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Aladdin & Jasmine

Yesterday I had a Walt Disney thematic Birthday Party. I'll promise to tell and show it all tomorrow but just for now let me share with you this great photo of me and a friend of mine. I hope you all have a great weekend!

Friday, 25 February 2011

The shopping badge I had until yesterday...

Remember my badge for good behaviour while doing Christmas Shopping? Well I never showed you how I decided to use it. I pinned the golden details badge to a black coat that it was kind of forgotten in my closet. I think it was a perfect combination for both pieces:

This morning I was wearing the coat when I noticed the badge was gone. I lost it the same way I lose so many things I like. So this could be a post about how to improve an unused garment with a small detail that makes all the difference or a post honoring my  lost badge, but honestly...
This is a post about how good behaviour is not worth it and that this year I'm going to buy a bunch of things to myself with the money for my nephews Christmas presents!! 

(Or not, but it was good to discharge my anger!)

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Black for a sunny day!

Finally I can feel the spring whispering to me. Today at 8:30am I happily drove at work with sunglasses on while listening my favourite radio show about football. The sun makes me happy, it's a natural benzodiazepine, it makes me relax and I have a constant smile on my face.

Before I knew how it was outside I decided to dress in black but it wasn't a bad option at all once the sun against my dark clothes made me so warm, it really remind me of the good old Spring days. I'm wearing a full black look with just a cream crochet small skirt and my mother's beloved pearls. Here are some photos taken some hours ago where you can finally see the sunglasses I got in Valentines day.

Zara: Skirt* Turtleneck* Cardigan* Boots* Asos Bracelet* Gucci Sunglasses* Carolina Herrera Shopping Bag

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Online shopping is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you' re gonna get!

One the most famous film quotes from one my favourite movies. I took this picture in the Bubba Gump store in Times Square and I suggest everyone to visit the store, being a fan of the movie or not. I saw Forrest Gump only millon times. It's the kind of movie I play in my living room screen while drinking and talking with friends or just playing cards...
You can hear the chocolate box expression everywhere but it's amazing how it's so right and can be used in many ways. Like how I did in the title of the post... Basically what I want to say to you is that online shopping is always a surprise. Good and bad ones. Remember the 5 new dresses that I ordered Thursday? They arrived yesterday, 3 working days, not bad at all. So here are the results:

One of them is what I expected. Not less not more.
Two of them are very different from expected, I'm going to return one of them.
One of them is better than I expected just for a small detail I didn't notice in the photos.
One of them surprised me a lot. Is an amazing dress and I couldn't tell for what I saw online.

Any guess? Well you can always wait and see the results in my next look posts (some will have to wait for Summer and this is already a clue).

BORNe to be a delicate princess!

Yesterday it was introduced to me the lookbook of Borne by Elise Berger. This brand is the dream of a german young designer that fell in love with Spain and now divides her time and her stores between Barcelona and London. Soon the Borne collection will be available online in websites like Asos but for now I leave you with the gorgeous Katherina wearing SS20111 "Little Seres" Borne garments.




My next time in Barcelona or London I'm going for sure to check this collection with my own eyes and hands. I'm sure I'm going to feel like a princess with any piece on, even if we are talking about some classic pants or a pair of oxford shoes. Everything is just so delicate and girly, it has my name all over! What do you think of Elise's work?

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Who named detail to details didn't have a clue about style...

And I keep on going on the clichés.... This time lace tights with Zebra flat shoes and silver and turquoise rings with Hamsa pendants.

Calzedonia fantasy tights and Seaside flats. Once again I'm mixing patterns and once again I say: no rules it is now the fashion rule since we face it with just a bit of fashion sense!

Hamsa means "Fatima Hand". It's a symbol of the 5 obligations of a Muslim during life. I learn all these during my arabic studies but I must confess that although I respect the religion I use Hamsas because I think it is a beautiful piece of jewelry. I have about ten different pendants bought in travels. This two in silver were bought in my last two visits to Morocco. The ring in the righ side is mine and bought it Dominican Rebublic when I was 15. It's made of silver, turquoise and ambar stones and you have seen it here before because it is one of the few rings I use. The ones in the left side belong to my mother collection, also silver and turquoise stone and I think she bought them in Cuba.

Gossip Girl Giveaway winner!

Among the 29 comments in the post we have 24 valid entries! Here is the video picking the winner randomly. Congratulations! You are going to receive an email asking for your data in the next days. After that all of we want to see you with the gorgeous tshirt dressed up... Promise you will do it! ;)

I just now realized that the video image is so small you can barely see. So doubts taken, the winner is number 24: Little Miss Perfect!

Monday, 21 February 2011

I am Cliché: Mini dress, maxi socks, skulls, key and feathers all in one outfit!

I felt like Natalie Portman in Black Swan wearing this headband. Here are some photos of last Friday in a work break. I was using some of the must haves of the season: mini dress; high knee socks; wellington boots; key pendant necklace; golden nailpolish; skulls scarf and finally the gorgeous feathers.

Blanco Dress* Pepe Jeans Wellies* River Island Socks* Alexander McQueen Scarf* Tiffany key pendant* H&M headband and golden naipolish thanks to

Sunday, 20 February 2011

What does it mean being a stylist in 2011?

Article written last week to a fashion magazine. Reviews and opinions are welcome!

My job description is "stylist", but I’m much more than that. It’s impossible not to be more than that in 2011. To be a stylist means I need to be also a fashion advisor, market analyst, a buyer, a street style photographer, a blog writer and reader. At least in my company and I want to believe that the same happens everywhere. When I was journalist in a fashion magazine I observed with curiosity the stylist's work. She helped the photographer to pick the models and the set, she asked for some borrowed clothes to brands and she had a final say in the editorial concept.

My first Job as stylist was in a well-known e-commerce and my job had nothing to do with this. I had to study the tendencies and the designers, it was required that I recognized a brand after a first glance. I styled every single piece the company sold to go online making the best combinations I thought it would enhance the product. I was also responsible for an internal newsletter and to encourage fashion curiosity and to add fashion knowledge to my fellow colleagues. I imagine that if the stylist from the magazine I worked looked at my job she would say: she’s not a stylist at all. Today I’m the stylist of a company that creates and produces clothes for many famous brands. If my former company looked at my Job now they would say: she’s not a stylist at all…

So well, the question is: Do styling mean different kind of jobs in fashion world? Is it the concept of stylist changing? If yes, what is causing this mutation?

For the first question I must say I’m still figuring out the answer… I think your stylist job depends on each fashion area you work. Of course your tasks change when you’re working for a magazine, for an e-commerce or for a factory. It depends if you’re working with high street brands or fast fashion stores. But the grounds are the same: fashion knowledge, aesthetic sensibility, innovation spirit! I believe there is place in the world for different concepts of this career but I also believe being a stylist in 2011 is no longer the same it was back in the time I was a journalist. Everyone working in this area should pay attention to the blogosphere, everyone should go to streets once in a while and take pictures to people whose style is impressive, everyone should go to concerts, exhibitions, movies and take inspirations for what the cultural art/ industry gave us. And that is what mainly changed in the styling career, the fashion world is no longer the same, the rules are vanishing and you must be ready for working in a fashion anarchy.

For my job interview I took two things: my résumé and my blog address. I’m sure my curriculum had some weight, it was important that I worked in fashion before, that I took a master abroad that I knew more than three languages. But I have the feeling that what gave me the job was my blog and this was a true surprise. My blog is a very small project where I post things I like related to fashion. It’s very personal and I don’t try or want it to be a fashion encyclopedia but it was exactly the profile of who they were looking: someone that can reunite in a mood board personal experiences with fashion sense, cultural knowledge with market demands and pass it to the designers. To be a stylist in 2011 knowing the luxury brands collections is not enough even though because I have serious doubts about who inspires who nowadays: fast fashion is inspired by luxury brands or quite the opposite? And what inspires the designers of both sides?

There are two major examples of 2010 hits that could be mentioned: Mulberry Alexa bag and Moschino vintage belt. I’m pretty sure that Alexa was the sensation of this season because style icons used it everywhere. And when I talk about style icons I’m thinking about girls like Olivia Palermo and, of course, Alexa Chung. They hinted the magazines pages with their style and they were copied for the readers, late for the bloggers. Thousands of people read these blogs and wanted to have a similar bag. Hundreds of fast fashion brands presented low cost solutions and in less than nothing the blogosphere and websites like were crowded by satchel bags. The Moschino black and golden belt is even a more consistent example of the street style influence. This belt has decades, it was considered cheesy for most fashion canons. One started using it and then others found the same belt in the mother’s closet. Suddenly the belt is in every daily style website and is one of the most wanted items on eBay.

How can you be a stylist in 2011 if you have no idea of what’s happening in real girls and boys minds? You can’t. But most important of all and that’s the main point of this article, stylist should not copy or get inspired by this. They should create that inspiration and this happens if you go further in your limits. Analyze what’s already done and aim bigger, think different. Do you like a painter? Ask your designers to make a print collection to t-shirts based on a painting. Do you love a song but it’s not pastiche and no-one heard on the radio? Great! Think about what that song means to you, think colors, think shapes. Being a stylist in 2011 means artistic, singular work in a world where the massive culture rules. Do you dare? I will proudly try!

Raquel Fernandes

Saturday, 19 February 2011

God save Asos!

This are the last days of Asos winter sales (at least it is what they say) so two days agoI decided to make my final sales shopping. As usual, it was a mess! I first saw this one and ordered:

Oasis Jumper Dress with Animal Print Ruffle Skirt. 100% cotton and 50% discount. Done.

But then, and as I said here before, I could use the sales to buy a party dress and there's when I saw this Rare Opulence Origami One Shoulder Dress with 60% discount. I discovered Rare Opulence last week (I need to write a post about it), an exquisite line of Rare for party/ evening dresses. I found this dress gorgeous, very delicate, great for when I get tanned and voilá: I ordered...

Everything it will be just perfect in heaven if I knew how to stop. But I don't. I kept watching dresses and I fell for some maxis. I decided that maybe I didn't like the Rare Opulence one that much and I should replace for this silk Oasis maxi with 50% discount:

I tried to cancel the other order but it was too late and at the same time this was the last size 8 they have, so... I ordered this one also. So now the worst it can happen is that I don't like one of them and return. Maybe I won't like any. Maybe I'll like it all... And to complete this Asos pajama party, my stepmother decided to join the trip and ordered this two with my account. Both gorgeous and that I hope will fit me:

Next week we'll have 5 news dresses at home! And so it was another night in  online cheap shopping paradise...

Friday, 18 February 2011

Checking Bazaar March issue first pages with you... (Video)

So... Make fun of me all you want, I'm ready for that =) As some of you might have noticed I'm dead to blogosphere. I'm working a lot, I don't have time at all, no breaks during the day and when I get home all I want is a hot shower and sleep.
This started when I was giving a look to Bazaar, mainly looking to the adverstising campaigns that I love so much and I think that are a great way to get to brands philosophy and main tendencies used for each season. I was with my little sister saying I like this, I hate that... You know, that kind of thing you do with a fashion magazine in your hands between girls. So I decided it was interesting to share with you these thoughts but the quickest way to do it was to make a video.
You know I'm portuguese and although I studied an year in England, my english is far from perfect. I write in english everyday but I don't usually speak at all. I sound like Jose Mourinho speaking for Chelsea conferences or some random sicilian person speaking english... I apologise for the misspelling, the accent and some grammar mistakes I might have made... But I did it for you, completely improvised (I was nervoooous!), so I hope you enjoy, don't hate me for some critics I made to certain brands and most important of all, I hope you get to know me a little better. Here it goes:

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Carolina Herrera AW 2011 (and an ode to the brand)

I tried, I swear I tried... This love affair with Carolina Herrera started when my older brother and sister offered me a bag about ten years ago. It was love at first sight! Back then, the brand in Portugal was not famous at all and I loved the store I first visited. Like all the others it looks like a beautiful closet and everything in there has a great quality. I start buying CH stuff and receiving some as present. By now I have about twelve bags, all size wallets, clothes, unthinkable accessories, hats... I even have hair clips! I'm not as addicted to the brand as I was in the past, but I still buy at least one bag a year, I can't help it and the outlet next to my house destroys easily my CH detox. One of my favourite bags: a brown leather Bimba, the best bag I ever bought with my own working money, was stolen from my hands in Bristol and I got so sad, you can't imagine... 
One day I'll show you my personal collection but by now I'm posting my favourite looks from Carolina Herrera AW 2011 runway, starting from Carolina Herrera herself, a remarkable lady!

The furs, oh the furs... The blacks, the greys, the browns... So simple, so elegant! The cocktail dresses, the night ones... I'd be a happier woman if I had all these in my closet!
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