Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Having my hair done!

Who follows me on facebook knows that I'm always asking for new and different hairstyles for parties. My hair is curly (and kind of stupid as I told you already) so I straighten it every weekend in the hairdresser since I'm a teenager. When I have a party I look for something different, usually updos. Last Saturday I had a wedding and I wanted something romantic to match with my lace dress. Some girls talked about braids on facebook and I went to my usual venue, Inês Pereira, to see what we could do. Now that I have bangs it's a bit more difficult to think about hairstyles but in 30 minutes the hairstylist had it all done. Here are some photos step by step:

The products chosen to style my hair were Kérastase Fibre Architecte, L'Oreal Textureline Infinium 3, a strong hold professional hairspray and L'Oreal Super Style Heroes Horizon Fix, from a new line of fixers. 
I'm really thankful to Inês Pereira Hairdressers for their patience and for letting me take the pictures. This is my hairdresser since I had my hair disaster, remember? The staff is really trusty and qualified and now they have some promotions during week days in all their stores. For example 23% discount in every treatment or a regular hair brush for just 9€. They are one of the best hairdressers in Portugal so it's worth to check everything here. Maybe next time we'll promote a hair makeover to one of you. What do you think of that?

 Soon soon I'll post the photos of my outfit but here is a pic taken on my way to the wedding where you can check some the final result.

Get inspired (by other blogs) - week III

This week I was looking for girls who warmed up herselves in style. And Bee is one of the stylish bloggers I know. She looks always ready to a magazine cover photoshoot. So graceful and classy. I like the way she mixed stripes and leo print. You need to be wise when matching two different prints and she did it perfectly, not to mention the two tone Zara shoes.

Still talking about skirts and warm knits we have Margarida, an young and beautiful Portuguese blogger. Asymmetric dresses or skirts are still a bit too much for me but I like to see them in some other girls. The tights may seem a risky choice, but when matched with classic shoes, bag and scarf in a gray tones palette, everything looks just right.

I have a deep crush for long sleeve dresses but it's not easy at all to find them. Jennifer found this one on Ebay, how lucky is she? This kind of coat-dresses always remind me of royalty and I really enjoyed her bold choice of wearing a beanie in her head. Along with the black boots, bag and tights, she looks like a modern princess.

First of all: how great does this picture look? I need to learn how to run and jump for my photos :)
Silvia shows us here a great way to wear your Summer dresses during cold time: layering them with a warm jumper! I love the mix and match shown in this look. Silk dress, wool jumper, studded biker boots (love them), black tights and fringes bag. Who said brown doesn't get along with black? That's all about the way you do it.

Everybody knows Andy and everybody knows this burgundy knit from Zara. I have three things to say about this sweater. First: it's too expensive for a 100% acrylic knit. Second: One size fits all not always fits little girls like me. Third: It looks damn good on her! We saw this braided sweater over and over the internet these last months but Andy did it better in my opinion. Red boots and red details in the bag, braided hair and a long blazer coat. Too matchy-matchy you may say. I'm a matchy-matchy kind of girl!

Monday, 28 November 2011

I'm avoiding Tiffany's website!

And failing!!!

In three days I'll be in Madrid and guess what store they have there... That's right. Tiffany & Co. is my girly not guilty pleasure and every time I travel to a place where I can visit a Tiffany store I start looking the website for hours. There's nothing specific that I want this time, I mean... I want almost everything but most of all I like the serenity that a visit to Tiffanys causes in me. I always feel like a small girl looking at Barbies, admiring them. So oh well.... Let's have a look at some "affordable" goods.

Well, when I get it the only thing that does any good is to jump in a cab and go to Tiffany's. Calms me down right away. The quietness  and the proud look of it; nothing very bad could happen to you  there. If I could find a real-life place that'd make me feel like  Tiffany's, then - then I'd buy some furniture and give the cat a  name!

Long Live The Queen!

Some of you first saw me in a blog wearing this jumpsuit. It was thanks to this jumpsuit that I won a trip to Paris, and now, two years later it was my choice again, this time during cold time. Even the Queen of England wore it for a night and look how good it suits her! :) Friday night was the Twins "Royal Birthday" party. It was really good to be with my friends in a cosy atmosphere, having nice chats without the sound of loud music, catching up what is going on with our lives and sharing our plans for Holiday season. It really smells like Christmas now and last Friday was just the beggining of some holy gatherings.

(Don't forget you have just two days last to join the Abataba Peter Pan Glitter Collar!)

Catherine Middleton was there too!

The beautiful Twins!

Friends being Friends

I'm wearing:
 Mango jumpsuit* Zara pumps* Antique pearl necklace and bracelet* Teixeira Joalheiro angel bracelet

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Asos Savy Sunday - Bags and Accessories

The day has come! Another Asos savy Sunday, this time for bags and accessories with 40% discount only today. I already bought this Borders & Frontiers Shopper Bag with my boy's initial. Returning later to check some winter warm accessories to wear in Vienna. Check them all here:

Friday, 25 November 2011

Black-haired Rach

Time to time I like to share some old photos with you. Today I'm not feeling so good, I'm think I might be getting sick which is terrible. I have three parties to go, no sickness please! I'm not in the mood for my daily research for the blog so I'm going to post some photos I wanted to show you for a long time. Some years ago in England I decided I wanted to be a brunette for a day. Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction kind of brunette! And my wig was so convincing that some people believed it was my natural hair. There's this funny story I always tell about this day. During my year abroad, people always tried to guess where was I from since they coulnd't understand it from my accent. I heard that I was Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Romanian and even Arabic. But no-one ever said Portuguese. The night I was wearing the wig some guy came next to me in a bar and said "you are Portuguese right?" I was really surprised and asked him why he was saying that and he told me "because of your black hair!" And that's when I took off the wig...

A nice weekend to you all!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Hey Boy!

(I have nooo idea what's falling from my bag but it looks good)

Today I decided to dress up like a little boy. I'm wearing a shirt that belonged to my boyfriend back from when he was a kid (you saw it here before) and a large knit from my older brother. You can only tell I'm a girl by the shiny headband, the polka dots tights and the high heels boots you can't see in the pics. I have to say I like this kind of look and I felt really comfortable in my skin, even having so many curious eyes on me.

I'm wearing:
Ralph Lauren vintage shirt* Mango shorts* Zara knit* Oysho tights and headband*
The Cambridge Satchel Company bag* Abataba bracelet

Tomorrow starts my holiday season marathon: my sister's birthday at lunch and the twins birthday huge party named: "The Royal Birthday" at night. I'm looking forward for this party, I know I'm going to have great fun and everyone is going to look so good as they always do. I'm not going to wear a dress this time: uhuhuhuuu. Curious? Saturday is time to another wedding, the first one this year I'll be wearing a coat and all I can think now is how I'm going to style my hair. Any idea is welcomed!

Thursday I'm going to Madrid for some days and then the week after I hope I can go to the countryside for a mini vacation. After that I have all the Christmas parties, including the one from my company and on December 22nd is my birthday. Christmas arrives right next and the day after I'm leaving to Vienna (a dream came true) and then Bratislava. New year's eve party to end my vacations and hopefully I'm be alive to get back to work on January 2nd. I think I've never been so busy during holiday time like this year. And how about you, any plans for holidays?

Princess Kate

I didn't use to like Kate Moss... Her photos never caught my eye or sympathy but something happen in the last years, long after the "cocaine affair". Now I see her as THE top model and I really enjoy to see her photos even the ones from when she was younger. There's something about Kate... She screams sensuality, lust*. And Mario Testino and Terry Richardon got that better than anyone else.

*and also because she might the only woman in the world that I enjoy too see having a smoke.
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