Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Get inspired (by other blogs) - Week VI

Finally this feature is back. Three new looks and bloggers thats inspired me the most last week. Enjoy!

Olivia has many surprising looks but this one caught my eye for its colours. For some reason is on the top choices of Lookbook.nu this week. We see candy colours everywhere but there's something different this time. The shoes, yes maybe the Dsqaured2 sandals, make all the difference.

Nicola takes pictures everyday in the same place and post in her blog. This may seem boring (doesn't really work for some bloggers) but she manages to show you always fresh new stuff and very different styles even always having the same ugly background. Have a look to the blog and you'll understand what I mean. About this look? The skirt that I'll die to have and the sports jersey wore in a classy way. After all, boringness is a word you can't say when talking about Nicola's blog.

I love Thilda's blog. It's not really about street style because most of the time the posts are similar to an editorial. Yes, I do prefer to see what bloggers wear on their "real lives" instead of  "fashion productions" but when you can do such great photos as Thilda does, I don't mind at all to include this kind of blogs on my daily inspiration.

A diary made of clothes

Like said here the other day, even hating labels, the best one that I can give to this blog is calling it a diary. Because through the stuff related to fashion that I love and like to share with you, I'm writing little testimonials about myself. For that reason I decided to create a folder on the blog's facebook page with all the looks I showed you here in the blog, including some during travels. 2010 is already done and you can check it here. Funny how in only one year you can see some many changes, mainly in my hairstyle. I hope you like it and feel free to comment. The second photo (the one with the simple grey dress) is my all time favourite from this year. Updating 2011 soon!

Monday, 30 January 2012


There is a good reason why my face is cropped in most of these pictures. Lately I haven't been very mirror friendly and trust me: I am not fishing for compliments. The reason I am sharing this it's because I believe it happens once in a while to every woman. Sometimes we just don't feel ourselves comfortable in our skin, and no matter how many different clothes we try in front of the mirror, nothing is going to change that. Not even an afternoon spent at the hairdresser nor new make-up. Douro river was the best mirror I could find but I guess the Narcissus story* happened again: the river found himself in my eyes very easily, but I... I'm still looking between the shadows.

Left to right: Parfois silver skulls bracelet* Abataba green skull bracelet* Hermès bracelet

I'm wearing:
Zara skirt, shoes and knit* The Cambridge Satchel Company bag* Oysho tights* River Island socks*  Tiffany & Co china bone key necklace and silver ring* Alexander McQueen scarf

PS I - Just one day left to enter the Hermès Knotting Cards giveaway. Click here!

PS II - Check the Sag Awards 2012 best dressed here.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Asos strikes again!

And here it is, the code that I (and most of you for sure) was waiting for. 20% off on Asos new collection. Just enter TREND20 at checkout. And what am I going to buy with this code?

This metallic satchel from The Cambridge Satchel Company, that I wanted since November and, that I resisted (hooray!) to buy without a promo code. And a pair of pewter shoes to match with bag. Help me here now:

 Should I go for these loafers?

Or creepers instead?

(I know, not real real creepers but since I saw the Prada collection that I'm in a "Prada or Nada" state of mind)

Something for the boys (or how I need bikinis in my life)

I'm sort of getting depressed by this cold. I really need Summer, I need to be tanning at the sun with the sound of the sea and the turning pages of my book as a background. I even dreamed of that... I dreamed that I had a ski vacation booked and I cried and said: please, I love to ski but I prefer 3 days at the beach instead of 10 days at the snow, because I need Summer right now.
Maybe all I need is to move to the other hemisphere. But as I can't at the moment, just let's watch some bikinis and dream...

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Stylish playing cards & an Hermès gift for you

I like to play cards since I remember. When I was a kid I used to play cards all the time at the beach or at home with my brother and sister. Later at highschool I used to play on breaks and during university time me and my friends played until late in the evening almost every school day. Nowadays we promote some gambling nights in our houses time to time and I play with my family at Christmas eve. I think this is a passion shared by the entire family, since we all know lots of different games, we all like to play and none of us likes to loose, even if we are talking about an ice cream. I already had lots of playing cards at home but I couldn't resist to this Tiffany's set last year. Those little things that all girls like to have at their living rooms or to take on vacation with friends, I suppose.

Some weeks ago I read about this Hermès Knotting cards edition and I tried to learn some more. This annual limited edition shows you 21 ways to wear your scarves: as hairbands, dresses, tops, skirts, turbans, necklaces, belts, bags and of course also as a normal scarf styled on your neck in many different ways. Basically this is the perfect DIY mini guide for your Summer. (You can check last year's edition here.)

Many bloggers have this Knotting Cards on their wishlist and they are for sale on Ebay. Turns out this set of cards was not made to be sold but to be offered to Hermès regular customers every year. Last week I called the store and I asked for my set plus one more to offer you and now here they are. As I can't offer a Kelly bag, here is the way I found to share with you something special from a brand I love. I hope you like it!

To be the owner of this Knotting Cards set all you have to do is to leave a comment to this post saying why you want it until next Tuesday night. Wednesday I'll post the most convincing argument at Facebook.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

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