Wednesday, 4 January 2012

My favourite presents!

Three weeks ago it was my birthday and then Christmas right next. Looking at my presents you can tell right away that my brothers and sisters are reading my blog as I received most of the presents I asked for in my wish list. The Oysho Seven dwarfs hoodie, some lingerie and two red Chanel lipsiticks. Yes, two... At least in different shades but from now on you'll see my lips always red!

So here are my favourites presents this year:

Tiffany and Co. jewelry case that my boyfriend gave me for my birthday. It's perfect! The skin is so delicate, I'm affraid of damage it. It's huge, I can keep all my favourite jewels inside and closed I can wear it as a clutch. A little princess present :) My favourite at all!

Also from my boyfriend came this Balenciaga perfume and small beauty case. The maison tried to recreate the original fragance that I love. It's very strong and a bit masculine, almost androgynous. I'm addicted to it and I wear all the time, even to sleep. It's not going to last for long...

My father offered me the holiday trip to Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest, which some photos I'm going to publish in the next posts. I'm a lucky girl right? Any favourite?


  1. na mereces a sorte que tens pááá! eheheh despacha te lá cas fotos, quero (re)ver viena


  2. 2 Chanel? Gostoooooo <333


  3. O melhor? A viagem sem dúvida. Agora venham daí essas fotos. ;D

  4. Adoro Budapeste!
    Viena e Bratislava vou conhecer na Páscoa!
    Aproveita muito!

  5. Todas as prendas são maravilhosas, não consigo eleger a melhor!


  6. Que presentes maravilhosos! Aguardo pelas fotos!

  7. adoro as três cidades. não percas a blue church em bratislava :)

  8. Obrigada meninas :) A viagem já foi feita logo a seguir ao Natal! Karkova acho que não vi a Blue Church, estava meia adoentada em Bratislava, acabei por ficar muito tempo no hotel, mas adorei o espirito simpático das pessoas, lembrou-me Portugal!

  9. adorei a bolsa balenciaga, que sorte!

  10. ai viena..viena...a cidade mai linda do mundo!!!


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