Sunday, 1 January 2012

Sleepy, grumpy and also slightly sneezy....

... but I don't own that dawrf!

This is how I spent the first day of 2012. I don't care much about new year's resolutions, I think we should make them every day as life happens to us. As Dinah Washington and Tony Bennet used to sing: "What a differerence a day made? And the difference is you." 
Let's see what 2012 has to offer to all of us and in the meanwhile here are some resolutions that I wrote here several months ago. Just take with you the ones that may fit you. 

Forgive once, sometimes forgive twice. Think before forgiving a third thime. Three is always a crowd. 

Fight for what you want but be realistic. 

Don't allow yourself to get disappointed by something you could have avoid. 

Never stop dreaming though. Mainly awake. Dreams are the material our lives are made of. 

Aim always more. Why be happy for less?

Never forget to say thank you. These should be the words you use the most during your life.

Never forget to say I'm sorry. Even when you struggle not to. 

Never forget to say I love you. Not all the time, not to everyone. Say when you mean it for sure.

Always respect your parents even if you had troubles in the past. They are the only ones you' ll have. 

Try to stay close to your siblings. They are the closest link you have to your past and to your future.

Spoil your nephews but be tough with your kids. A mother should not be a best friend.

Ignore the previous line; they are your kids, just do what your heart tells you.

Allow yourself to cry from someone that doesn't deserve. 

Believe that everything in life comes to an end.

Write down in a paper what you are feeling when you're happy, it would be useful when you're down. 

Try new things but be loyal to the ones you always liked. 

It's ok to look yourself in the mirror and feel depressed.

It's ok to envy girls you see on magazines.

It's even ok to envy your best friend. Envy is never about of them, is always about you. 

Sing corny songs while driving your car. Singing is one of the most powerful ways of feeling free. 

Dance, at least once, barefoot in the grass under the rain. 

Get to know someone just because of the beauty. Fell for someone for the brains. 

Never explain yourself too much. No one will ever understand what you really mean. 

Be your best friend, love yourself above all and never forget each life as an owner and you own yours.

Never trust anyone too much. Trust them, but always keep the best for you. 

Be careful without being rude because you never know what's going to happen next.

Avoid looking at pictures or listening to music that will make you sad.

Time to time, you are going to need them.

Kiss someone just because, don't be shy and say what you think at least once. You can be surprised. 

Never stop learning. Knowledge is the strongest weapon you have in life. 

Don't be too worried in discovering the world too fast. Enjoy every minute of your travels.

You should always do what you desire with your free time.

Save time to yourself, to be alone, to be in silence.

Never forget your friends and be as a good friend as you wish they could be to you.

Don't complain too much but never stop fighting for your rights.

Allow yourself some guilty pleasures but try to watch a film a day and read a book a week. 

Hate dogma.

Love freedom.

Learn by experience.

Believe in yourself.

And always return to places where you were happy. 

Enjoy 2012!


  1. As melhoras! Espero que melhores rapido.

    Obrigado pelas palavras.

    Beijinhos grandes e um grande e feliz ano novo

  2. Já tínhamos saudades tuas Raquel:)
    Adorei a fotografia, está super amorosa! E as resoluções estão óptimas e são excelentes conselhos!
    Bom ano:)

  3. Lovely!!!!! Just Lovely ....
    Um óptimo 2012
    um bjo

  4. Também concordo acho que n é preciso chegar a um novo ano para tomar resoluções! :) mas gostei das que sugeriste e adorei a foto :p
    Bom ano novo!!


  5. Great list =)


  6. Que continues assim, linda e encantadora!

  7. Raquel já tínhamos saudades tuas...
    Bons conselhos mesmo! Melhora rápido para voltares com os teus post's que tanto gostamos!
    Um beijinho e as melhoras

  8. Hey peeps! :) Eu tinha saudades vossas!!

    Não estou doente, estou cansadita e meia fanhosa de tanta hora em viagem, de tanto frio que apanhei e da agitação em geral, mas já estou de volta ao trabalho. Feliz ano para todos vocês, vou tentar voltar ao ritmo dos posts, devagar devarinho que Janeiro é um mês de doidos. Beijinhos a todos.

  9. O Sleepy és tão tu. ;-)

  10. gostei tanto destas resoluções! Um bom ano querida, que seja cheio de coisas boas*

  11. Adorei a lista. Vou criar link no meu blog :)


  12. Bom Ano :))
    Gostei mt da lista :D



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