Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Get Inspired (by other blogs) - Week VII

This week's "get inspired" I'm only going to show you only one blogger, actually the one I have a blogger crush. Hedvig is from Norway but she lives in London. She's a freelancer fashion editor and she has an amazing style. Just like other girls from the North of Europe, her style is flawless, very clean and mininal. I love all of her clothes and how she shows the same garments styled in many different ways, which is actually very refreshing in a fashion blog: quality rather than quantity. She loves Celine, Balenciaga, Acne, Cos and Phillip Lim and she also has the Prada creepers that I want so badly. That and her perfect hair!
Just enjoy: http://the-northernlight.com/

PS I- I haven't had any spare time to write here in the blog, to read yours or even to watch the news. Next Monday I'll be landing in Paris for a week, so the next two two weeks are not going to be any easy for me. I love to be busy at work though, so I can't really complain.

PS II - I'm an auntie again!!! So happy you can't imagine!


  1. Adorei conhecer!:)
    parabéns!!!! e bom trabalho!:))


  2. Realmente tem um estilo impecável


  3. desconhecia por completo xuxu. adorei-a!!!! : )

  4. ui adoro as primeiras calças ;)

    (parabens por seres tia)

    The Girl Chic - GIVEAWAY

  5. Quero tudo :) Adorei mesmo todos os outfits :)

  6. gosto tanto mas tanto dela! :)

  7. gostei do estilo mas...falta um pouco de consenso, parece-me (isto não quer dizer que se tenha que vestir sempre o mesmo but...)

    Parabéns pela sobrinha!!!!*** traz uma prenda de paris pa mim*

  8. Não conhecia, gostei tanto do estilo dela :o


  9. parabéns à tia!! ;) beijoooo


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