Monday, 30 April 2012

Instaweek(end) II

I keep sharing photos of my daily moments on Instagram, but since some of you don't have this app, I decided to make this updates time to time. Here is my last week in Instagram photos.


Home cooked food! Totally worth it to drive 35 km every day just to have lunch.

New earrings waiting for me at home. Love the colours! So Summerish.


My favourite coat bought this winter and Minnie Mouse knit. Perfect for a cold day at work.

At night, ready to leave the house to dance. 


Bank Holiday in Portugal. 
Time to go to Ikea (which by the way I love/ hate) and buy some stuff I needed to the "new" house. 


Shooting day at work, one of the favourite parts of my job. The make-up table!

Some fierce Louboutin shoes to the shooting.

My hand at the end of the work. Can't wait to show you the final result!

End of the day spent at Marc Jacobs. Post coming soon!


I couldn't resist wearing some of the new clothes I received that day to go out with friends.
Gipsy-rock'n'roll-comfy-boho state of mind!


Why cruel world, why... Can't I stay in bed all day?

Because I had my niece spending the weekend with me. Such a little princess.


Lunch at my brother's house. 
It feels really good to be laughing and talking for hours with my family.

The youngest princess in the family. Her very first public photo!

End of the day spent reading my Bazaar May edition. 

That's all for now! Another bank holiday tomorrow, yay! See you soon and enjoy your week!

Saturday, 28 April 2012

My new Converse All Star!

What to do on a Saturday night at home, when your niece, that you took care the entire day, is already sleeping? Shopping Asos sales. 

Aruba blue All Star (photo from Sincery Jules)

You can still shop the Asos mid season sales during the next 3 days. Don't forget to enter the code BONUS10 to have 10% extra discount at checkout. 

Friday, 27 April 2012

Three gifts

Today I received three gifts. One box full of stuff from Love Clothing, another from In Love with Fashion and a surprising good new, which can be sometimes, even better than a bunch of new clothes. Here are the ones I can reveal by now:

Sheer blouse, Cheap Monday jeans and Blink biker boots thanks to Love Clothing

Heart jumper, cross jumper and pleated skirt thanks to In Love with Fashion

Happy weekend to you all!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Two new meaningful rings

I love busy weeks like this one but I had to stop by just to show you the two rings I bought today at Marc by Marc. One of them says "tibi in omne tempus" which in latin means "for you forever" dedicated to the One I love; the other says "nemo nisi mors" that means "nothing but death will do us part" to my beloved grandparents. Just two small rings: a whole loving world in my finger. 

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Mood board: WHITE

What do you think about a travel through a colour palette, revisiting the shades that, always have been or will be, part of our closet? Why don't we start for the first of all colours, the very first in my life: white. What colour do you want to see next? All images can be seen in my tumblr.

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