Friday, 31 August 2012

Topshop: how, when, how many and why

I remember returning to the UK back in January of 2009 to find that 1 pound = 1,01€. What can say? It was a wonderful Winter and I got some really nice things at really low prices, especially the ones from brands that are normally too expensive for me to buy. Things are a bit different at the moment. When you buy something you have to remember that you'll pay 25% more in euros, and everything in general in London is more expensive than usual. So yes, next week I'll be avoiding stores as Topshop, one of my favourites. I'm not avoiding the website though for some simple reasons:

1- They have free shipping worldwide until the end of the day;
2- In the most of the British e-commerces they are still using the old rate, so if you buy in Euros, unlike it happened in the past, you'll buy cheaper (worth to double check every time). 
3. Topshop has a smashing collection!

Errrrm... Any favorite?

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Sardegna road trip: Maddalena Island and East Coast

Remember the map I showed you in the first Sardegna post? Well now it's more useful than ever since these are the last photos from the trip and, shame on me, I can hardly remember the name of all the last places we were. 

The first photos (ok most of them) were taken during our second day in Maddalena Island, where we rent a small boat so we could visit other small islands and wild beaches. Some of them are protected from any kind of artificial access so we had to swim a lot to get there. At the end of the day I was really tired and my body was all scratched and bruised from the corals and the climbing, but trust me: it was worth it. I can now look at these pictures and think I'd never been before at a place as "blue" as this one.  

Blue was also my state of mind in the last days of vacations. It's so tough when you feel that you are about to return to reality that I think you don't even enjoy everything at its best. True is I was really tired too (road trips are not piece of cake), I didn't even take many pictures of the days in the East Coast in Orosei, Arbatax and Villasimius. Here is some of the best of my last 5 days in Sardegna, hopefully next year I'll have more to show.

All ready? Let's go!

Spiaggia Rosa, one of the most beautiful (and hard to get) beaches in Sardegna.

Caprera Island

Tahiti beach, after some swimming.

Ruins of the old Club Med.

Enjoying the sunset at the end of the day.

I was wearing:
 Pull & Bear bikini bottom and Women'Secret bikini top* Mango shorts* St. Barth t-shirt bought in Porto Cervo* Aruba blue All Star* Rayban wayfarer

Lake hotel we stayed next to Nuoro, can you believe there's beaches just 10 km away?

Trying to make a sandcastle in Cala Gonone.

Leaving my favourite hotel of all in Arbatax.

Mango skirt* The Hip Tee t-shirt* Bimba & Lola bag

"I don't want to go home" face at Arbatax beach.

Leaving Villasimius, river and sea side by side....

Ok, so.... This is not Sardinia. Wrong post? No. 
Just showing that sometimes it feels great to return home and we just notice that once we are there. Especially if we are talking about Algarve! 

I'm wearing:
Asos dress* Zara knit* Hermès, Parfois and Sardegna bracelets* Drinking Super Bock!

Monday, 27 August 2012

Last sunset of July

Before returning to Sardegna posts (I get depressed just by looking at the photos) here is one of the looks of this Summer never shown here in the blog. I bought a lot of stuff during sales that I would like to show you, and I styled some interesting looks that I didn't even shot. Maybe I can do it in September when my life calms down.

Hopefully this Summer will last until October because I'm not ready at all to return to Fall clothes. September will also be the month that I will get back to school by taking an intensive short course at London College of Fashion by the University of the Arts London (UAL), but we can talk about that later. Enjoy my sunset in Aguieira photographed by my sweet Mafalda that I miss so much. 

Zara shirt* Stradivarius shorts* Celine bag

Friday, 24 August 2012

Just Marilyn....

Norma Jean was one woman and Marilyn Monroe was another. I can't help myself from reading stuff about her, looking at her photos and watching her films. I think I saw them all already and something is very clear to me: you need to be smart to play a dumb blonde. I think Marilyn represents Hollywood in every possible ways, even in her tenderness and fragility. 
After seeing One week with Marilyn (a good movie about film) I am now addicted to Smash, a tv show about a Broadway production called Marilyn. It was about time then, to join Marilyn Monroe to my divas here in the blog. Welcome 20th Century Fox girl!

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