Monday, 8 October 2012

Lisbon for four days

Time to time I like I miss visiting Lisbon. Everything is so busy but at the same you have so many cultural options, it's good to breath in and out, forget the traffic and enjoy the city. Porto is my kind of town and I wouldn't change living here at all, but it's really good to have a look to the capital, and proudly recognize a big European city growing there. 
In the last 4 days I had time for everything; going to the beach, visiting some stores (didn't buy anything), being with friends, walk around and having discovered some new restaurants, one of my favourite things to do. Here are my phone snapshots. 

1- Life racer; 2- At Sea Me restaurant; 3- My look for that night; 4- At Pensão Amor; 5 - Late lunch at Pinóquio; 6- Want want want at El Corte Inglês; 7- Casual look for a Sunday; 8- New slippers; 9- Girls having Brunch at Deli Delux


  1. Adorei as photos Raquel!! :)

    Ainda bem que gostas de vir a Lisboa hehe



    1. Gosto sempre, só não gostava era de aí morar. Adoro ser uma country girl :)

  2. Uma cidade que apaixona.

  3. se me botasses as patorras calçadas em cima do tablier do carro eu te dizia como é que era!! adoro o manequim!

  4. Só me prendi no slogan "Quem gosta vem, quem ama fica", que foi adoptado pela minha bela cidade. Aaaah que saudades de Lisboa.


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