Wednesday, 29 February 2012

About Monsanto...

Like I promised before, after the snow here are some more photos from the mini-vacations I spent in Monsanto. All of you should visit this little village, for some reason so many poets wrote about these rocks, they are kind of magic. These days were all all about good food and wine, sightseeing walks, discovering new places, keeping ourselves warms and having loads of fun.

Monsanto above

Boom Festival beautiful location

Proudly wearing a "Samarra".

My scary new friend

Carnival mood in Spain

(After this bottle all the photos are mine to keep! =)

29% off at Asos today only!

All of these and more, with an extra 9% discount at Asos collection. Just make sure you enter the code LEAPDAY10 at checkout. Another great excuse to start my Spring shopping!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

All I have to say about Marni for H&M* is that...

I hope the online webstore to the UK works!!! (Thanks I.)

So I can order this dress and these bracelets...

... this tshirt, this swimsuit and these sunnies...

... these sandals...

.... and this dress, these bracelets and these necklaces.

Simple hun?

*Best designer collaboration for H&M since Jimmy Choo.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Spring Summer 2012 Must-Haves

Starting the week here in the blog by sharing with you one of my latest passions: this book about all the details from 2012 Spring/ Summer fashion shows. The book has a fun story behind, it was given me as a thanking note for something really simple as taking some pictures to someone I didn't know during the Première Vision. The book is being really useful at work, once it has all the trends for SS 2012 and close-up photos of hundreds of delicious details like the ones you can see bellow. 

I decided to share with you, not only some images, as what they consider the must-haves for next season,  most of them already in you closets for sure. Here they are:


- Slim-cut trousers
- Confortable bermudas and shorts
- Dresses of various styles and lengths especially around knee-lenght or long and fluid swing skirts.
- Kaftans
- One-piece swimsuits
- Long gilets
- Shirts
- Round neck t-shirts and tops
- Manish blazers
- Linear tops
- Suits
- Hats
- Mary Jane shoes


- Lace
- Leather
- Chiffon
- Silk
- Knit
- Cotton


- Assymmetry
- Cut-outs
- Layering
- Tribal details
- Floral motifs
- Zips
- Belted waist
- Transparencies
- Visible underwear
- Fringes
- Feathers
- One Shoulder


- Patterns
- Pastels
- White
- Grey
- Silver
- Dark blue
- Green
- Powder pink
- Lime
- Acid green 
- Orange 

Looking above, what are the trends you are going to wear these next months? Mine are the ones on bold. Have a nice week you all. 

PS- You can see the entire Ocars red carpet couverage here, including the reader's favourites. 

Sunday, 26 February 2012

My dog is a Fluor fan!

Yesterday when I arrived home with my sister my dog went nuts. He (yes, not calling my dog "it") is  very low profile. He loves to run alone around the house and doesn't care much about what people is doing around. I guess my fluor "Not Kate but I rock" t-shirt had some kind of magnetism because he was crazy about me. To be honest, I was not even thinking about publishing this look on the blog for being quite simple, but once my dog Vitória was so enthusiatic about it, I had to share  these cute pics with you. 
About me, I was returning from the hairdresser, hair and make-up done to the party I had in the evening. Very casual look to a sunny Saturday before dressing up all in black & gold. 

Today is Oscars day and I'm truly excited about it. Time to write about cinema in my other blog and read everything I can about the nominees. From midnight to 1 am I'll be checking the Oscars dresses with you in the blog's facebook page. From that moment on it will be all about film!

Happy like a kid. Both of us.

I'm wearing:
The Hip Tee t-shirt* Zara jeans* Acne boots* Carolina Herrera bag* Tiffany & co necklace

Friday, 24 February 2012

Three things about Zara's new collection:

1. I'm one, among many other bloggers, who thinks that Zara will drive me into bankruptcy this season.
2. I never had fringes in my life. That will change, unless I look like Morticia Addams inside this dress.
3. It may be a good idea to wash the model's hair next time. Just a thought...

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Snow white

I spent Valentine's day in Paris with my colleagues, but my boyfriend made it up to me by offering me a four day escape in the mountains. Remember this post about the most Portuguese village of Portugal? I love Monsanto and its people and I always have quality time there, and this time was no way different. There's a lot to show, since my nights spent by the fireplace, to my walks in the village, my visit to the Boom festival venue and my Carnival night. 
Right now I'm going to show you one of my favourite parts of this trip, a day spent at the snow, just 100 km from "home". I only had 20 minutes to pack to this small vacation, so my ski look is a mix between my own ski suit, an old pink parka I found, my brother's boots and snowblades and a bonnet I bought in Paris. The most important of all is that I had lots of fun, I love to ski even not being great at it, and you can tell that I was happy just by looking at my face (and my sunburned nose).

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

We'll always have Paris no matter what...

Last week in Paris it was all about working at Première Vision, but we managed to have some time to get to know the new collections. Lígia and I spent an afternoon walking around Saint Honoré street and Lafayette galeries to a mini-shopping marathon. My favourite collections were Givenchy, Alaia, Tara Jarmon and Isabel Marant with no doubts. 
After dinner at Saint Michel with the boys, we spent some hours walking in the streets of Paris. I hate to use artificial lightning in my photos and when in Paris I never have that kind of problem. The city lights are enough to enhance the beauty of the buildings and I swear I will never get tired of taking pictures of Paris by night. Here are some of the photos taken that day, please ignore my tired face and my bad hair day :)


Place Vendôme

Beautiful Lígia

200 m2 on the top floor would work for me...

Friday, 17 February 2012

Silver newbies: Chanel & Cambridge Satchel Company

Just a quick stop to show you my new silver items. The Cambridge Satchel Company bag that was waiting for me when I arrived home today and the silver Chanel pendant earrings that I was looking for since last Summer and found it in Paris last Wesdnesday. Both simple but very elegant. Paris pictures coming soon, but now I'm going to have some sleep and after that maybe sleep even more and finally get to sleep again. Have yourself a nice Friday!

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