Thursday, 27 September 2012

Nude, black and white and a rusty wall

These three colors are a perfect combo as I've been discovering in the last months. Black pumps matched  with a black look sounds now really boring to me and I've been trying to add some colour to my feet. In this case I wanted something classy, so the new Kurt Geiger were the answer. 

I normally don't like to take pictures during night time, but I really enjoyed these ones. First of all, I was having lots of fun while taking them, as you can see by my face. I was leaving to the 20th birthday dinner party of Modtissimo, where I could see some of the Portuguese new fashion talents, and I stopped by a very familiar house to me. Lately, me and Maf developed this weird fascination for this rusty garage door, and some of our best photos were taken here. It's in a residential street and while we are taking pictures, everybody stops to stare. I guess that's why I'm so blushed in the photos... That and because Maf and my sister kept saying that I looked like a hot mama. Blame the hair and make-up girls! 

Photo credits: Mafalda Nunes

I'm wearing:
Stradivarius skirt* Zara shirt* Kurt Geiger pumps* Celine bag* Hermès bracelet* Vintage snake necklace from my mother

Last but not least, thanks so much Style Lovely for the feature in your website. I'm more than honored!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Always return to places where you were happy... (repost)

(This is one of the favourite posts I wrote here in the blog, and time to time, I think it's good to remember myself about some beliefs I have, so I cannot allow myself to fail. It was about time to bring this post into light again, the only post here in the blog that I personally sent to each one of my friends because I wanted to share this with them. I hope you will like to remember these words or even maybe reading them for the first time.)

Forgive once, sometimes forgive twice. Think before forgiving a third thime. Three is always a crowd. 

Fight for what you want but be realistic. 

Don't allow yourself to get disappointed with something you could have avoid. 

Never stop dreaming though. Mainly awake. Dreams are the material our lives are made of. 

Aim always more. Why be happy for less?

Never forget to say thank you. These should be the words you use the most during your life.

Never forget to say I'm sorry. Even when you struggle not to. 

Never forget to say I love you. Not all the time, not to everyone. Say when you mean it for sure.

Always respect your parents even if you had troubles in the past. They are the only ones you' ll have. 

Try to stay close to your siblings. They are the closest link you have to your past and to your future.

Spoil your nephews but be tough with your kids. A mother should not be a best friend.

Ignore the previous line; they are your kids, just do what your heart tells you.

Allow yourself to cry from someone that doesn't deserve. 

Believe that everything in life comes to an end.

Write down in a paper what you are feeling when you're happy, it would be useful when you're down. 

Try new things but be loyal to the ones you always liked. 

It's ok to look yourself in the mirror and feel depressed.

It's ok to envy girls you see on magazines.

It's even ok to envy your best friend. Envy is never about of them, is always about you. 

Sing corny songs while driving your car. Singing is one of the most powerful ways of feeling free. 

Dance, at least once, barefoot in the grass under the rain. 

Get to know someone just because of the beauty. Fell for someone for the brains. 

Never explain yourself too much. No one will ever understand what you really mean. 

Be your best friend, love yourself above all and never forget each life as an owner and you own yours.

Never trust anyone too much. Trust them, but always keep the best for you. 

Be careful without being rude because you never know what's going to happen next.

Avoid looking at pictures or listening to music that will make you sad.

Time to time, you are going to need them.

Kiss someone just because, don't be shy and say what you think at least once. You can be surprised. 

Never stop learning. Knowledge is the strongest weapon you have in life. 

Don't be too worried in discovering the world too fast. Enjoy every minute of your travels.

You should always do what you desire with your free time.

Save time to yourself, to be alone, to be in silence.

Never forget your friends and be as a good friend as you wish they could be to you.

Don't complain too much but never stop fighting for your rights.

Allow yourself some guilty pleasures but try to watch a film a day and read a book a week. 

Hate dogma.

Love freedom.

Learn by experience.

Believe in yourself.

And always return to places where you were happy. 

Guimarães, May 27, 2011

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The Perfecta!

I'm pretty sure most of you have heard already of the "perfectos", the name given to leather jackets, normally black and in a biker style. James Dean was one among many that we remember when talking about the perfectos and I think this is a major must have in any girls closet: a good leather jacket. 

But today I'm not thinking about coats. Who reads me for quite some long, knows already that I am looking for a black bag for quite some time. Not too big, not to small, just a simple black leather bag. And because I keep looking and looking and I can't find the "one" I decided to name them: perfectas (insult me all you want, I like to name things even if blah blah blah). Difficult to find, but once you finally get your black bag, this will be the perfect accessory for each occasion. Of course that, money would turn this assignment a lot easier, but since we can't buy them all, or simply a Chanel classic flap or a Celine Boston, let's look at other options:

Marcie by Chloé, an old crush I have.

Gucci Doctor Bag, bigger than I imagined but just beyond perfect.

Miu Miu pouch bag. 
I've been enjoying more and more pouch bags lately and this one has a friendly price when compared to others.

Pashli by Phillip Lim. 
I like the smaller version a lot. One of my favourites.

Polly by Balenciaga.
Balenciaga is Balenciaga but this structured model is quite unsual to be seen around.

PS11 by Proenza Schouler.
One of the best bags ever made.

Rockie by Alexander Wang.
A smaller version of the Rocco one.

See by Chloé satchel.
A lote more feminine than the others. (A lot cheaper too.)

Yesterday I showed you the latest item in my wish list, now let's talk about the bags I've been flirting with for the past year. Tell me, is any of these a perfecta for you?

Monday, 24 September 2012

Givenchy... For my arm.

If I had the budget to buy everything I wish to, I have no doubts that the main names in my closets would be Celine, Balenciaga and Givenchy. These are by far my three favourite designer brands. Of course I like the classics, such as Hermès and Chanel but in terms of design and latest collections, these are the ones that make my heart beat faster. That said, and having already Balenciaga and Celine stuff, I need some Givenchy in my life! 

Remember this post? Well, the second day of sales, I arrived the store and the bag was sold the day before. I still think it is the little black bag of my life but now it's even more exepensive and difficult to get. It's simply perfect and I think the best part about it is the locker. So...... 

Presenting the amazing Givenchy Obsedia bracelets collection. Aren't they just, just.... I don't even need to say that I want one, deeply... I think they're even more beautiful than the Collier de Chien from Hermès, and this is quite a thought, don't you think? They're simply a statement in you wrist. And if I don't care that much about designers clothing, I do like to invest in accessories. 

All of this to share with you my present desire, the item I'm day dreaming about. I still need to try it and decide which one I like the most but... I can almost say already, this is a lifetime Yes!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

London, the instagram

Friends, classes, photoshoots, stores, clubbing and London in General. It was a pretty good week!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

When in doubt.... Wear shorts!

After wearing three (maybe four) layers of clothes in London, I was expecting Summer back home. Yes, I am a believer, and I'm still waiting for some days at the beach until the end of the year. 
In the meanwhile, the sun is shining but the weather is not as warm as I wished. The answer: shorts! This year I've been a shorts kind of person. Not skirts, not dresses: shorts! Not only because you can style them with  almost everything (from beach looks to night out ones) but also because they are so damn comfortable, even for a regular Tuesday afternoon. 

I'm wearing:
Asos skull jumper* Mango shorts* Zara stilettos (thanks to the lovely Xanalicious)* Marc by Marc Jacobs bag

Photo credits and edit: Mafalda Nunes

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

London College of Fashion project: Glamour Editorial

As I told you some posts ago, one of our assignments was to choose a magazine and according to the target and language of that one magazine, style the first page of an editorial. We decided to make two central pages for Glamour, a magazine for young women (19-29) who love to shop at high street stores but also invest in some designer stuff. The language used by the magazine is very simple (same for typo) and the layout should be quite appellative. After looking at loads of Glamour editorials, this is the one we created, using some our own clothes and some others we bought just for the occasion. I really hope you like the final result and to see me as the "model".

Monday, 17 September 2012

London souvenirs

As I didn't have the time at all (or the strengh, or even the mood) to shop during my week in London, it's not a surprise that my best purchase has been done at the airport. Nude Kurt Geiger pumps: open toes, leather laser cuts and a Charlotte Olympia vibe in the front platform. On other words: perfect! 

I also brought home some basics from Topshop like a denim shirt, a little black dress and a grey jumper. Sneak peeking them:

And now... Back to shorts and sandals! I want Summer until November!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Making of "Glamour" editorial

During my short course we hear, we discuss and learn a lot. But above all, when talking about styling, we  have to work a lot. To have my final diploma I need do be part of two editorials and one advertising campaign, which means I've barely seen a pillow these days. For the editorials we need to choose two different magazines, with two differents audiences and create a project based on the information we have previously worked on. 

These images are for the live model editorial, the first one. Tomorrow and Friday we are going to have a professional model, make-up and hair stylist but, and because we are five groups of two, we wanted to speed up part of the job. So today, after choosing the outfit for the editorial, Cla and I did my hair and make-up; I modelled it and our coleague Antony shot it, as he is a professional photographer. Later on I will tell you all about the magazine we chose and why, and show you the final editorial. For now, just have an exclusive first look at the making of the photos. 

(I can't help myself from making weird faces while looking at the mirror. 
Mainly if I'm doing my make-up. Sorry, it will happen again.)

Monday, 10 September 2012

Louis Vuitton meets Azzedine Alaïa...

... in a Topshop way. Welcome to my closet little white beauty. The pearl ears woul be for sure the right accessory. Now all I have to do is to think about shoes.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Back to London

I came to England three times since I lived here, but this is the very first that I'm feeling like returning to my old "british" life. I'm at a friend's house, so, so far I'm doing quite a normal life, having dinner at home and now preparing myself to the classes tomorrow. It's all about that actually: the classes. Last Friday when I was packing, my heart was beating so fast, I guess somehow in my mind I was feeling like 2008 again, packing for one year away from home, packing to the UK. We are talking about 8 days only this time, but I am almost as nervous as I was on a Sunday night in Bristol, before my first day of school. Here are some pictures from the weekend plus mobile uploads, a very british weekend as you can see. After all, London will be London. 

At the airport, waiting for my flight and rocking my Zara navajo booties.

Some hours after, next to the Thames River, enjoying the good weather in London.

My first purchase in London. It's thematic ok?

Ain't nothing but.... A blues bar in the Soho that I loved to meet.

Yap, I look like I was possessed. In some way I think I was...

Today's afternoon at Regent street, another hot hot day in London. 
At the end of the day though, it was really cold and raining. Tomorrow the grey London I'm used to will be back.

Portuguese flag among all the others...

Crowded Oxford Street and my school down there.

It's all about the Olympics and Paralympics here in London. 
A coke and a burger for Dinner and I'm now in the soffa almost ready to sleep. Britishness is that easy to get...

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Urban Outfitters is out and about!

It's almost shameless to say that I only got to know this store (more than that, almost a concept store vs fashion experience) in 2008. Before going to Bristol I never cared about british stores, the ones we had in Portugal were more than enough for me. And then one day I went to UO. 

It was a Wednesday afternoon and they had a great DJ (unusual in the UK) around. The clothes were great but more than that you had all the house goodies, as well as, stupid adorable books such as "The Bro Code" from How I met Your Mother. And what about Christmas decorations or exquisite jewelry or bags? To dream for... 

Without even noticing I used to spend one hour in that store. And after some months I found out it was also the very favourite from some of my friends. As I said, more than shopping, is an entire experience. The ones that cannot reach a store now, please have a look at the lookbook lauched yesterday. 
More than that, they're offering a 15% discount in all orders just by entering C15EU and the shipping costs are now only 4,99€ (were 17€ before). Enjoy as much as I wil do: Urban Outfitters

*love this paisley one. 
Wish me good luck, good shopping and a bon voyage. Writing soon from LND!

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