Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Downton Abbey Fashion

If you follow me on Facebook, you understood by now that I'm a big fan of Downton Abbey. Actually is my number one tv show at the moment and I'm just sorry it took me so many years to discover it. I love the characters, the brilliant lines, the history behind the story and of course, the fashion. Currently on series four, we are talking about 1922, those years of change when  finally women could vote and it would be possible to spot here and there some of them wearing trousers. Dresses were long, but not long enought to hide the ankles and shapeless, as women needed some freedom of movement after Word War I. This means: no more corsets! Colours were sober, despite happy, and burgundy seemed to be a must have. The hair should be worn curly and tighed down and in her feet we can see medim heeled shoes, mainly "Mary Janes".  Ah! And of course: hats, headbands, tiaras and all kind of hair accessories were a must seen. After all, we are talking about british... 
Despite we don't see the Crawleys shopping in the series, we can understand her clothes come from Paris and busy London and sometimes we have some references about crazy New York. Isn't it all delicious? I just love it. And now, the images. 


  1. que fixe, só escreve em inglês!

  2. Adoro esta série por ir tanto aos pormenores, desde cenários, guarda-roupa, expressões usadas na linguagem, aquele sotaque british do melhor e claro a história! Gosto tanto que me pus a rever todos os episódios :)

  3. Sabias que a Swarovsky faz as jóias para a série! Também gosto imenso de ver, por todas as razões e mais algumas!

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