Thursday, 17 October 2013

Knee-high boots: Heritage

Check the last post I published. Can you see it? They are everywhere! 

Bare legs, opaque tights, jeans, skirts or mini dresses. Heeled or not, leather or not. Yes, I'm talking about the knee-high boots. They make a look by themselves and this season they are cool, cool, cool. The best part? They "first" showed up in circa 2009 and some of us have one pair lost in the closet. Erm... For some of us, I mean me, me, me (imagine big smile).

I got mine for Christmas 2009, a pair of croco leather by Zara and I can't wait to wear them now in 2013. Ideas? Mix it whatever, whenever, I'll be fine. What about you? Ready for this trend?


  1. Se for às minhas fotografias do FB encontra-me lá com umas de camurça castanha em Londres. O ano? 1999. :)

  2. eu tb tinha umas bem giras da blanco mas nunca as usava e dei as lol

  3. nice post!!


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