Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Mauritius & Dubai: Honeymooning!

So here you have some photos of my honeymoon. First of all we wanted paradise, so we went to Mauritius. Everything is beautiful in Mauritius, all the colors looked made by God. I loved the little exotic birds eveywhere, the coral, the warm and tiffany blue water, the people, oh the people... Everyone's so nice. You could feel you were in Africa and at the same time, have an Asian vibe, mainly Indian. Sweat drems are made of places like this and I would never forget this trip and the amazing hotel. After paradise we wanted some mess, so we decided to go to Dubai. Insane might be the perfect word to describe it. The buildings, the shopping malls, the gold and diamonds, the 40º degrees at night... It was crazy and I really loved it for being so different from everything. 
Here is a selection of 30 photos and you have some more at my instagram: raquel_twb. My husband (aham, big word) doesn't shows up often as he hates social networks, but here you have me me me me, happily honeymooning.




  1. O hotel das Maurícias é o St. Regis certo? Uma amiga minha esteve aí este verão e adorou, deve ser de sonho!

    1. Este é o Touessrok e aconselho a toda gente. Top dos tops.

  2. Adorei a foto em que estás no carro, pois vê-se a aliança. Que lua de mel de sonho!

  3. Que espectáculo! Adorava ir ao Dubai, talvez um dia :D

  4. Deve ter sido brutal :) estão super giras as fotos*


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