Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Gym issue*.

I did it, finally, I freakin did it! Step one: done, I'm finally enrolled on a gym. Actually, step two is done aswell, once I bought some gym clothes today. All I need now is all my strenght to go almost everyday to the pilates,  pump and what-so-ever classes, and loose the 5 kilos I want. More than that, I would like to be one of those persons, you know... The gymaholics, with six pack abs and incredible legs... Ok, let's keep on the 5, mmm maybe 3... kilos goal. For what concerns you, I promise to do some updates and now, of course.. Show you my new Oysho gymwear.
Suggestions for some nice footwear?

*This gym is inside a shopping mall, and to get there, I need to go across Zara and Mc. Donalds. Can you see the ironic picture? I thought so...


  1. Para ginásio, pessoalmente gosto bastante das linhas Lunar e Free da Nike. Neste momento, alterno entre os Free Bionic, Free TR III e Lunar Element. Dão apoio suficiente e são bastante flexíveis. ***

  2. Adoro as reebok easytone! tenho um par e nunca me desiludem... boa sorte com a meta ;)

  3. Really great gymwear.
    I think it should be simple, black/grey and comfy - this is how exactly looks like yours :)


  4. Well done Raquel ehehe!

    Eu tambem voltei ao jogging, tal como tu também estabeleci um goal de 5kg.
    We shall see ehehe

    Acabo de te enviar um email, pff vê.




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