Monday, 27 January 2014

My new gym stuff

If we read my Facebook page, you should know by now that I'm now on a new gym, facing the training with a different motivation. I really want things to work out this time so in the last two weeks and a half I went to work out 12 times. Thats's quite a lot. So yes, I need new stuff. I had already bought some basics sucs as cotton pants and tees but now I had to spend a little more money because I love Oysho Stuff. I think the collection is cute and it has quality. I also needed a new pair of sneakers once my old ones were ruined, actually I would like to buy 5 pairs of new sneakers (shoe addict), Nike is somehow my new Louboutin (not that I have any)! So grey and pink were my favourite combo. Here they are:


  1. Raquel, de onde são as leggings? :)

  2. também é a minha combinação preferida para o ginásio ;) adorei as novas sapatilhas e 12 vezes é mesmo muito!! you go girl!!

  3. Hear, hear. I've found myself over excited about getting new sportgear during the sales - the best time to get sportsbras, running shoes and whatnot. Looking and feeling pretty is an extra motivation to hit the gym, no doubt about that.
    Pink / violet and black are my colours, never really thought much about grey but the combo is nice, too.

    1. Violet is nice too. I wear tones of black because it makes me feel fitter. Its an extra motivation, no doubt. Whatever you do in life, if you feel good with yourself, half the job is done ;)

  4. assim dá mesmo vontade de ir ao gym :)

  5. Fizeste bem comprar as partes de baixo mais neutras, assim é mais fácil combinar as partes de cima trust me, há uns anos usava tudo ás cores super quitada e tal mas depois comecei a perceber que aquilo me dava quase tanto trabalho como a escolha do que vou vestir de manhã. Agora calções e corsários mais neutros e fluor com fartura em cima e nos pés. Continua com a motivação que os resultados ás vezes tardam mas não falham. Se não fosse o treino aos 37 anos onde é que o meu 34 já não ia.


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