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I'm a 33 year old Portuguese girl and I have no idea where I'm going or what I'm going to be doing in a year. My life has been a roller coaster so far. I wanted to write therefore I took a degree in Media Studies and I started working as a journalist really young. Later the passion for cinema talked louder and I went to England to take a Master of Arts in Cinema Studies. I feed myself of literature and cinema but at some point in my life I realized I couldn't live without working in fashion. I was so passionate about fashion, I started making my own designs when I was about 10. I grew up with my mother dressing me up as a Barbie girl. Once I asked her why I couldn't wear jeans as the other girls in school and she answered me: "you're a princess hence you should be dressed like one". Even today I barely wear trousers.

I did my studies and I started looking for a job in fashion. I started the blog to use it as a portfolio and I had some job proposals quite fast. Nowadays I can't imagine myself working in something else that doesn't involve image and styling. In the last year the blog grew as much as my professional experience in fashion world. I don't pretend to have a blog where you can learn everything about fashion. This is not an informative blog, it's a personal one. Through the clothes I wear, the purchases I make, my wish lists or the items I show you that I'm in love with, I'm writing a little diary about myself. I try not to get too deep but sometimes it's just impossible not to. This is a place that belongs to us. It's mine because I'm addicted to it, I love writing, I love to read your comments and I love to share my little things and know of your opinion. And that's why this blog is yours too. Since without you it would be nonsense to do it all and you are far too important for me, to want this blog to get better every day.

My name is Raquel and this is Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini - a fashion diary blog.
Stay around and enjoy!

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